Name: Walker Hawthorne

Aliases: Genesis Man, Agent Hawthorne, Essence Man, Weilder of the Quiet

Age: Unknown (More than a century old)

Species: Android

Powers: The QuietPsionic Bio-Tech

Abilities/Skills: Special Ops MasteryTraining in multiple forms of combatSupernatural Condition

Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Neutral Good

Affiliations: The I.A.S.A (occassional associate), Himself, the Outsider Corps (occassional associate)

Motto: "Protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Quotes: "Advanced as humanity is, there still lurk dangers beyond their experience. Since the beginning of time, powerful entities of cosmic proportions have fought an eternal war with those that lurk Outside. I seek to protect them from those beings; to protect all of existence from the higher beings that threaten it. This is my duty. It is why I've been given the Quiet."

Theme: Muse - Exogenesis: Symphony part 2 (Cross Pollination)

Occupations: Adventurer, Independant Mage, Agent, Avatar of Akvak-Tomen

Archetypes: (To be done)

Origin: Walker is actually the product of an early 24th Century experiment on consciousness. The experiment was to see if robot self-awareness was the same as human self-awareness, and thus to see if they were truly "human". The experiment yielded no real results until they attempted to put Walker's consciousness in a very early form of the Consciousness Engine, which resulted in Walker's consciousness going into a strange uncertain state: some of his consciousness was in the engine, but most of it was gone. Walker was determined a failed experiment until he woke up months later fundamentally altered. He was fundamentally connected to some type of sub-quantum force called "The Quiet", which is said to be the primordial foam from which all existence comes. Walker has since continued to live, helping humanity or others in need against cosmic creatures that threaten existence itself.

Powers/Abilities (In Detail)

The Quiet: Reality exists in fields, each field representing a state of existence that we either see or don't see. At the lowermost field is the Quiet, a state of raw "being", a pure force of existence that spawns all of the other layers. Walker being a conduit for the Quiet allows him to do a variety of things:

-Omnificence Genesis: The particles making up Walker's being are saturated by the Quiet, allowing him to spawn an infinite amount of anything (and being fundamentally connected to what he spawns from his essence) from his own being. He can simply think of something to create and make it from his own essence, allowing him to create a wide variety of things he's fundamentally in control and connected to.

-Psionic Bio-Tech: Through the use of his powers, Walker has modified his body to allow him to use technology and psionics in perfect synergy.