Sufficiently advanced human

Humanoid form

Name: Zarall Mirah

Aliases: The Angel of War, The Being of Tomorrow, Lady of Tomorrow, The Angel Zarall

Age: Unknown (Her human form appears to be somewhere between her twenties and thirties)

Species: Unknown (She calls herself an "angel", but DNA tests have shown compatibility with humans)

Powers: Magneto-Gravitation ManipulationEnergetic Bio-TechReality Warping

Abilities/Skills: Alpha PhysiologyUltimate FighterTactical AnalysisSupernatural SwordsmanshipRanged Weapon ProficiencyPlaneswalkingCosmic Awareness

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliations: Unknown (She does work with the republic, but her true allegiances are unknown)

True form (Zarall)

True form.

Motto: "Existence first, petty problems later."

Quotes: "Telling you what I am and where I'm from doesn't concern the matter at hand. Ramses poses a threat to not only your existence, but the entirety of reality at large. My interests lie in protecting the Multiverse, your interests lie in protecting yourself. What more could you want?"

"Your energy barriers and your hypervelocity weapons cannot hold me. What you see as cutting edge technology, I see as primitive."

Theme: March of Warriors

Occupations: Ally of the Republic, Adventurer

Archetypes: Lady of WarSufficiently Advanced AlienEnergy BeingUltimate Life FormThe Ace

Origin: Zarall emerged from a spatial warp created by the United Republic's new Wormhole Drive, which would be used to travel long distances in space instantaneously. An anomaly within the fabric of space and time was created, allowing a higher dimensional entity to emerge from the quantum foam and take a three-dimensional form. Zarall is the only of her kind on Earth, and strangely she seems to have DNA compatible yet somewhat different from humans. She's shown interests that are currently in line with the United Republic's agenda, so she is an ally for now. Numerous theories have popped up as to what she is and where she's from.

Personal Data:

Personality: Zarall is composed and dignified at all times, possibly due to the society she comes from (if the angels do, in fact, have anything like a society as we know it). She's always prepared for a battle and almost never seems relaxed, which supports scientist theories that she's some kind of super soldier for the race she comes from. She's shown to have a great deal of intelligence, capable of processing information and learning faster than 41st Century humans. She also seems to have an inherent understanding of advanced mathematics and geometry, probably because her higher dimensional perception requires her to be able to measure the space-time curvature.

When not working or fighting, Zarall has shown an appreciation for the arts such as music and fine art. She has curiosity towards human culture, especially since she has appeared in a time where innovation is as common as the sun rising and setting. She shows an even laxer standard of modesty than 41st Century humans, which is probably due to the advanced society she comes from.

Likes: Art, Music, Fighting

Dislikes: Meaningless bickering, Inaction, those who threaten all of existence

Fighting Style: Zarall's fighting style is constantly changing and adapting. Her overall movement is graceful and elegant, and her fighting seems to borrow from several forms of martial arts, both known and unknown. This is due to a style she calls, "Xhezi", which constantly adapts to the opponent's fighting style while copying it and exploiting their weakness at the same time. This puts tactical analysis and fighting to use, allowing the practitioner to take on any opponent in close combat.

Unpredictability is also a major factor in Zarall's fighting style. Often she employs guerilla tactics in fights with large amounts of enemies -- that is, get in and get out. In close range, this is very effective due to her immense strength and speed, but in longer distance fights, she relies on calculations to determine where her opponent is aiming in reference to her. Due to her mental capacity, she is able to pull off any calculations in battle in mere seconds, allowing her to fluidly and seamlessly adapt to opponents while fighting them at the same time.


-Cestus: Zarall's primary weapons are gauntlets made out of pure energy. These gauntlets can conjure hard-light weapons with a single thought from Zarall, offering several different modes of attack ranging from guns and swords to hammerfists and claws. The Cestus seems to be part of her body and manifests only when she wills them to, making it literal natural weaponry. Hard-light constructs created by the Cestus seem to be much stronger than G.I.C forcefields.

-Interface: A holographic interface that appears in front of her eyes allow her to do a wide range of things. With her interface, she can telepathically manipulate machines and place memories and thoughts in people's minds. She can also create specialized creatures out of her unique energetic bio-tech and create advanced constructs out of ambient energy in the atoms around her. 

-Force-Fields: By unknown means, Zarall's physical form erects a force field that seemingly distorts space. It's a spatial bubble that's only marginally connected to the space around it. Projectiles that hit the field never really hit her, but are warped into a different location, however this field can be mentally modified by Zarall to allow her to interact with things.