Name: ???

Shadow Name: Asteraoth

Aliases: Seer of the Heavens, Sculpter of the Tellurian, The Grand Magus, High Master Asteraoth

Age: Unknown

Species: Ascended Human

Powers: Magic (Remaking/CustomizationMathematics ManipulationTransmutationEnergy ManipulationTelekinesisTelepathy), Absolute Existence, Exalted Archmagus

Abilities/Skills: The Golden RoadAdaptive MagicMathematical IntuitionAvatar CreationThe Eyes of the ArchmageMental PerfectionReality Anchoring

Alignment: True Neutral

Affiliations: Unknown

Motto: "The Cosmos work in mysterious ways."

Quotes: "Through magic, I have achieved transcendence. I know now that there is a much larger game being played, one that requires the utmost subtlety and care to not break the most delicate of cosmic laws. Due to this, I cannot directly interfere in any affairs, but I suppose a cosmic game of chess is much more intellectually stimulating."

"I am an archmage. I've gained the power of the Exhalted Mysterium, and thus I have the power to sculpt reality to my perfect image if I gain enough quiescense. However, I am not the only one. There are those crueler and stronger still that seek to do the same thing, make reality their perfect playground. Consider yourselves lucky that the Abyss hasn't been invited through the door of the multiverse."

"Reality is systematic. At the most fundamental level, nature is ruled by probability, and even probability follows a code. Numbers are more than shapes on paper, they're the system by which reality works. It's a science; mathematics and reality are one and the same."

Theme: Hans Zimmer - Time (Instrumental Core Remix)

Occupations: Archmage

Archetypes: Reality WarperAll-Powerful BystanderAscend To A Higher Plane Of Existence

Origin: Asteraoth's origins are mysterious and, indeed, secret. Due to other enemies he has in the cosmic scene, personal information cannot be given out freely so that his existence isn't retroactively erased entirely. There seems to be no information about his existence, and the few people that did know him about his ascension to an archmage are either dead or also sworn to silence. 

Base of Operations: The Golden Road

The Golden Road
An archmage's golden road is a pocket dimension "inside" of them. It is a plane that represents all of their power, and in this plane they are practically omnipotent. The Golden Road often manifests as a library, which is the case for Asteraoth himself. This library contains all of his cosmic knowledge and power, stored in books for easy access by him. It is also in these books that quiescense ("data" from reality collected to perform the Exhalted Mysterium) is stored. Here, Asteraoth spends most of his time, studying and recording what he's observed from reality. Due to the Golden Road being a direct manifestation of his power, destroying this plane is impossible without destroying him. Asteraoth's golden road contains portals to various other planes and universes, opening and closing to his will. It is possible to enter Asteraoth's golden road through a random portal, but Asteraoth will immediately become aware of your presence and likely won't take very kindly to you coming in uninvited. 

The Nature of Archmagi: Archmagi are magi who have mastered mathematics to the extent of becoming part of the multiverse's mathematical structure, and thus becoming part of the concept of magic itself. Due to this, archmagi are embodiments of their own power. The goal of all archmagi is to change reality to their personal image of what it should be, but such an action requires quiescience, raw "data" from reality that can be collected through higher dimensions. With this quiescience, a ritual called the Exalted Mysterium can be performed, which retroactively changes reality. These immense abilities are kept under check by other archmagi from various other planets, universes, and dimensions. Under the Universal Pact, all archmagi are not allowed to directly interfere with reality, politics, or societies except by the means of the Exalted Mysterium the consequences being either as simple as a loss of power through a combined ritual or being thrown into hyperspace.