Vance Mattingly
Name: Vance Mattingly

Aliases: Agent V

Age: 110 (Physically in his mid twenties)

Species: Human

Powers: Hanoid Augmentations (Adaptive AugmentationShapeshifting), Technology ManipulationTechnological Assimilation

Abilities/Skills: Adoptive Muscle MemoryKnowledge ReplicationCyber MindMechanical IntuitionPanmnesiaIntensive Combat TrainingCharismatic LeaderSpecial Ops Mastery

Racial Abilities: Psionics (Telekinetic Force ManipulationTelepathyPsychic Energy Manipulation), Magic (Formula ManifestationElectron Manipulation), The SupergeneNeuro-Psychic Knowledge

Transhuman Abilities: Supernatural ConditionElectromagnetic Vision360-Degree VisionFlightEnergy AbsorbtionUnrestricted MovementHeat Manipulation

Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliations: The U.R.H., the I.A.S.A, Himself, the I.A.S.A Special Corps

Motto: "I swear to protect the freedom of the United Republic of Humankind."

Quotes: "I serve the Republic, not because I believe we're better than everyone else, but because we stand up for the ideals of progress, peace, and freedom. We're not perfect, no, but we're pretty damn close compared to that thing on the other side of the galaxy."

"Yeah, I was there during Kazzack's attack on Dzeera. It was supposed to be a peaceful gig, y'know? Live on a warm planet, enjoy the many luxuries the planet and modern technology have to offer. The place hadn't been attacked in a century -- can you believe that? But unlucky me just so happens to be there on the day that the space weed attacks. He...wasn't actually there, y'know? Well, he was. He was...all of his soldiers; every last one of them had the same appearance and acted as an extension of each other. There were thousands. No matter how many hordes we shot down, even more came in. They...they appeared out of thin air, for fuck's sake. I saw Dzeera burn that day. We had no infastructure on the newly colonized planet, so there was no way we could fight them off."

Theme: Daft Punk - Human After AllMuse - Supremacy

Occupations: Superspy, G.I.C Commander, Director of the I.A.S.A Special Corps

Archetypes: The AceDeadpan SnarkerAsskicking Equals AuthorityCyborg

Origin: Born on planet Vospilia within United Republic territory, Vance was a natural born leader. At the age of sixteen, Vance joined the G.I.C. in search of adventure and action, and he entered infantry when he was eighteen. Due to his infantry career being before the U.R.H's isolationism, he had many adventures fighting space pirates and thieves, taking down alien warlords who oppressed smaller civilizations. When Vance was older and of higher rank in the G.I.C, he also joined the I.A.S.A and trained with Mara Rigby, who grew to be an outstanding agent. Vance signed up for an experimental military transhumanism project where a discovered alien artifact called a Hanoid Organism (a bio-metal organism that bonds with organic life and creates a pseudo-symbiotic bond at the molecular level). He joined the project at his own risk, but he did it to further the goals of his country. The Endosymbiosis Project, headed by Mara Rigby, required subjects to be physically conditioned in order to survive the taxing bonding process. Many didn't, but Vance survived the molecular-bonding process. At the sub-cellular level, he was bonded with the Hanoid Organism, allowing him a variety of abilities inaccessible to traditional transhumans. 

Powers/Abilities (In Detail)

Hanoid Augmentations: Vance's hanoid augmentations go to the molecular level, allowing him to change and re-arrange the molecular structure of his body at will. Hanoids are bio-metal symbiotes that form a pseudo-symbiotic (and possibly psionic) bond with their subject, augmenting their physiology to heights unavailable to traditional transhumanism. The Hanoid endosymbiote has been theorized to be used by a hyper-advanced alien race that existed eons ago on the planet the United Republic found it on, and the Hanoid seems to be able to adapt to any anatomy and physiology it's exposed to.

-Technological Assimilation: Vance can absorb technology (or metals) and integrate it into his own physiology, turning his arm into MASER rifles and creating the effects of an EMP grenade with a device inside of his body. Not only that, but the Hanoid's evolution matrix allows Vance to upgrade assimilated technology, changing it to something more powerful or whatever fits his intended purpose.

-Adaptive Augmentation: Also due to the Hanoid's evolution matrix, Vance has the ability to adapt to external conditions or stimuli, and augment himself with these adaptations. Combined with the upgrading ability, Vance can upgrade any adaptations he develops.

-Bio-Metal Physiology: Due to the sub-cellular bonding nature of the Hanoid Endosymbiote, Vance's body is more or less made out of bio-metal. By default, his body is solid and totally human in texture and appearance, but at will he can turn into amorphous bio-metal.

-Technology Manipulation: By unknown means, Vance is able to mentally manipulate technology around him. This is possibly due to some psionic power possessed by the Hanoid that works towards the programming and "minds" of other machines.