Cult leader
Name: Ramses

Aliases: The King in Red, the Golden One, The Son of God, The Benevolent Ruler, The Kindly Patriarch, God-King of the Universe, The Pyramidion

Age: Unknown

Species: Unknown (according to his people, he is of "divine" origin)

Powers: Psionic Manipulation (Ultimate level TelekinesisUltimate level telepathyReality warping), Cosmic ManipulationSpace-Time ManipulationMagic (Mathematics ManipulationRemakingMathematical Error)

Abilities/Skills: Living AnomalySocial MagnetismUnnatural PresenceHumanoid Abomination

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Possibly Blue and Orange Morality)

Affiliations: Himself, New Egypt, The Pyramid

Motto: "Perfection lies in true nothingness."

Quotes: "The stars were right when I was born. I have always known that this reality is wrong, an imperfect shadow of that which came before. This sight was given to me for a reason, and thus I will serve the will of the Starspawned Gods as their mouthpiece, their host. All of reality will know the greatness of the Supreme Lord."

"What is this omniverse? Nothing. Meaningless. Imperfect. Even the greatest power of this world is nothing to the incomprehensible perfection of the Abyss. Sacrifice yourselves to it. Immerse yourselves in the nothing, for it is the true way. Existence has never been meant to happen, and thus we must restore the natural order. Join me, brothers and sisters. Together, we will dispel the lie that is the omniverse."

"Do you not suffer? Do you not hunger and want? Are you not affected by the burdens of need, by sentience, by consciousness? There is no need in the Abyss. There is no want or burden, just perfect nothingness. Destruction, you may think; existential horror, you may cry. But that's a trap, a mechanism put into your very soul to keep you from destroying this lie. Hand in hand, we must walk. We must the frontier of destruction."

Theme: Cthulhu

Occupations: Universe Ruler, Pharaoh, Cult Leader, Messiah, Possible Avatar of the Starspawned Lords

Archetypes: Dark MessiahNoble DemonVillain With Good PublicityPragmatic VillainyThe Disciples of Zixx-AblegathothachautlStraw NihilistPhysical GodWhen The Planets Align

Origin Story: The stars were right that night. The day the Jule Revolution began in 2504 is the day that Ramses was born. His mother was a notorious anarchist, and his father was a general that worked for the corrupt Pharaoh, Amenhotep. Ramses grew up unnaturally fast, maturing mentally and physically to adulthood in ten years, and stopping just at his prime. During adulthood, Ramses used his strange powers to completely crush the tyrannical government and save New Egypt from the Totalitarian rule of Amenhotep. Due to his immense power and seeming total benevolence towards his people, it wasn't long before he was worshipped as a god. They saw Ramses as an avatar of Ra, and Ramses used this influence over the people to create his own pharaoh-based government. He taught the people of "the Starspawned Gods", and told them that reality wasn't real. His nihilistic teachings spread quickly due to his influence, and then he became a savior figure against the "tyrannies of existence". New Egypt expanded to encompass the entire universe, becoming the epitome of technological advancement. Ramses' virtual benevolence towards his people led them to worship him as a god, and as subjects to a god, they did his bidding...they sacrificed their children to the stars above. They harmed themselves, channeling their pain into their "imago", their vision of the Abyss...they destroyed those who dared rebel against Zixx-Ablegathohachuatl, devouring their corpses and destroying their souls with horrible machines made by Ramses.

Base of Operations: Ramses, New Egypt

New Egypt

The Holy City of Ramses was created from the sands of the Sahara Desert (constructed and transmuted via telekinesis) after the fall of Amenhotep. The megacity offers unlimited resources and is constantly growing due to an ever-increasing population. This city is largely Cosmopolitan, consisting of many different human and alien cultures, all united under Ramses' banner. Worship of Ramses is largely common in this city, and every day religious rituals are held in honor of Zixx-Ablegathothachuatl and Ramses, replacing working hours for official citizens. Technology has been mixed with psionics and magic, allowing for a wide array of technology for citizens such as portable teleporters, personal space ships, and genetic engineering/transhumanism caused by machines that change the body on a sub-atomic level. 

The city is very peaceful, with people not wanting to fight under the premise that "Ramses loves all, and thus all are equal". Due to this, the community of Ramses is very close-knit, with a society based on kinship and a love for Ramses. Each citizen has a mad devotion to Ramses, especially those who are officially part of the Disciples of Zixx-Ablegathothachuatl. Ramses' seeming love for all of his citizens and personal connection with his people only enforces this sense of kinship, for Ramses is literally their god among them.

Cities are linked to "Mind Conduits", psionic machines that are telepathically connected to the citizens and change the city to always keep their situation favorable to them. Due to the inherent nihilism in their religion and their fanatical devotion to Ramses, citizens of the Holy City have a great disdain towards those that don't have fanatical devotion towards the Pyramidion. Witch hunts are often held against even casual believers who haven't learned the teachings of Ramses in full, and sacrifices to the Supreme Lord are held every midnight, where random citizens are sacrificed (being sacrificed is actually considered an honor; the more painful the sacrifice, the more pure it is).

Anubis city

Anubis, the Slave City: Not everybody gets to enjoy life in Ramses. In Anubis, slaves dwell, captured citizens and cultures beneath the city of Ramses that didn't want to bow down to the God-King. The slaves are forced to do manual labor for the citizens of Ramses, and they perform all of the jobs necessary to keep the city together. Citizens that try to rebel in any way are instantly sacrificed to the Supreme Lord, or any of the number of the "Infallible Patrons", or the Starspawned Lords. Slavery in Ramses has a simple way out: convert to the Disciples of Zixx-Ablegathothacuatl and you will be an official citizen. Many slaves convert so that they don't have to deal with the incredibly poor quality of life offered in Anubis, but many people hold on to their old beliefs and culture.

The Black Walkers:


Invulnerable. Undying. Unliving.

Sacrifices made by the people of New Egypt are forced into a terrible fate. Using his powers, Ramses the Great has merged life and unlife, man and machine, organic and inorganic. The result are the Black Walkers, the ultimate fate of the sacrifices made in New Egypt. These souls are attached to this technology that is specifically made to be reactive to consciousness. Devoted citizens of New Egypt get the blessing of fighting in the Black Army of New Egypt, their willpower, pain, and individuality taken away for the greater good of Zixx-Ablegathothachuatl.

This loyal army is outfitted with the most advanced technology in New Egypt, and augmented with powers origined from Ramses' "mystic" abilities and his technology at the same time. The Black Walkers do not feel pain and can regenerate at the molecular level. With their immense numbers and lack of free will, and variety of combat skills, they're a force to
Black Walker
be reckoned with. The only way to truly beat a horde of Black Walkers is to destroy the nearby Spectral Engine, which is directly connected to Ramses' power. Do this, and the souls trapped in the Black Walkers' bodies will be completely destroyed forever.

Black Walker Litchlords are avatars of Ramses, and it is through his will that they act. They are directly connected to Ramses, and can thus access "weaker" versions of his powers. They often call the shots and have the most freedom in the Black Walker Army, with souls being in at least partial control of their newly augmented, robotic body not being completely unheard of.

Attack vehicles and spaceships are also made of the same tech, with hive-minded consciousness inhabiting them, making them sentient, self-aware total agony, unable to control their actions. Due to this, they can spot things the pilots can't, and their combined intelligence and self-awareness makes for an A.I-like entity, one that is super-intelligent and can micro-manage necessary things to make sure everything runs smoothly. Black Walker ships are able to go to FTL using similar technology to the U.R.H's Space Drive, and higher-end ships are capable of eliminating entire galaxies.