Name: Griffin Carlyle

Aliases: The Psychic Vampire, The Alpha Psion, Arrogant Bastard

Age: 93 (23 biologically)

Species: Human (Full Psion and Vampire)

Powers: Psionic Manipulation (TelekinesisTelepathyThermal ManipulationTechnology ManipulationEmpathy), Psionic DrainMagic (EvocationMathematics ManipulationCodification/DecodificationRemaking)

Abilities: Enhanced CombatSupernatural SpeedSupernatural StrengthSupernatural IntelligenceMathematical IntuitionEnhanced CharismaSupernatural AttractivenessKilling Instinct

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliations: Himself, the I.A.S.A (occassionally)

Motto: "Morals come in where law fails."

Quotes: "My connection to the psionic plane has enlightened me. The human consciousness and, indeed, all sentient life has been revealed to me as what it is: a mistake. Life, being inherently meaningless, is merely a result of several mistakes. As a result of these mistakes, nature has managed to create a unit -- humanity -- that has become separate from itself, and much more powerful, therefore making it obsolete."

"Ladies and gentlemen. I am a master of two forms of uncertainty. My mastery in magic and psionics proves the true nature of reality, and thus I reveal it to you as it truly is: absurd."

"I'd consider myself a realist, but I suppose in a philosophical argument I'd be a pessimist. I think consciousness -- and indeed, evolution -- was probably a result of a little chaos bought on by entropy, and is thus a mistake. Perhaps existence, too, is the result of some random entrophic chaos, and perhaps Hyperspace is coming to take back its domain. You'd probably think I'm insane for my line of thinking, but consider this: I've become aware of what most aren't aware of."

"Goals are illusions in a world where nature is fundamentally ruined by probability. The only thing that is truly real and concrete is the inner struggle that is existence, and the pain that comes with this struggle. Perhaps that's what it is to be alive. Those who can contain their struggles thrive, and those that don't die."

Theme: (Coming soon!)

Occupations: Occasional I.A.S.A Agent, Independent Mage, Philosopher

Archetypes: Byronic HeroThe CynicInsufferable GeniusJerk With A Heart Of GoldPragmatic Hero

Origin: Griffin was born on Nee'ra Major, a colony in the outermost territory of the U.R.H. Due to its location, it was often the victim of many early attacks by the Hive. In one of these attacks, Griffin was orphaned, witnessing the conversion of his whole family into Kazzack's hive. The Space Corps quickly came to rescue Griffin and he spent his adolenscent to teen years on Earth in the foster program. Griffin wasn't adopted, and when he reached adulthood, he went out to explore the galaxy and find a meaning in life. This was well into him growing into his psionic powers due to a mental virus that evolved into vampirism when he turned thirty-two. Like all vampires, Griffin's psionic abilities grew exponentially. Later on in his mid-fifties, he took up magic as a hobby to occupy his mind. 

Personal Data

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