Queen of Spring

Name: ???

Shadow Name: Daire (Pronounced: D-ah-r-ah)

Aliases: The Nihilistic Queen, The Beautiful Queen, Queen of Spring, Lady of Desire, She With the Golden Eyes, The Fairest of them All, She of the Lotus, The Seelie Queen, The Fair Lady, The Verdant Lady, The Lady With the Thistle-Brown Hair, Queen of Pleasure, Mistress of Immersion, The Gluttonous Queen, The Queen of Sin

Age: Outside of time

Species: Faerie (Leanan Sidhe/Faerie Queen)

Powers: Chaos ManipulationDesire ManipulationDesire ManifestationPheromone ManipulationSpring ManipulationHigh Sidhe MagicPleasure InducementThe Pleasure of Spring

Abilities/Skills: Psychological IntuitionSpring EmbodimentDesire EmbodimentPleasure EmpowermentSpell CastingSpell Creation

Alignment: Morality is useless.

Affiliations: Herself, The Spring Court, Queen Mab

Motto: "The moment is all there is."

Quotes: "Forget your past endeavors. Forget the future, forget the past. Live in the moment, for it's all that matters. Immerse yourself in pleasures you never imagined to exist. We will go through the Abyss, together, with reckless abandon."

"Free will doesn't exist. There are no gods to save you, and nothing truly matters. All that matters is the material, the tangible. All that matters is you and me. The consequences? They're irrelevant. Inhibitions? Also irrelevant. They're merely tools used to keep you in check."

"Isn't it great? To be away from all of the guilt and the self-consciousness? Doesn't it feel good to give up yourself in favor of something much better? You'll never grow tired of it. You'll never grow sad or'll never have to feel pain again. All you the endless abyss of pleasure."

"Does it matter where you are, who you are with? No. All that matters is if you are happy, and if you must destroy the happiness of others to do be it. Happiness is all that matters; for when you die, you are truly alone. So engulf yourself in bliss as long as you it until you're mad."

Theme: The Hush Sound - Wine Red

Archetypes: Straw NihilistThe SociopathThe BaronessThe UnfetteredLotus-Eater Machine