King of Autumn

Name: ???

Shadow Name: Ruari (Pronounced: Ro-ree)

Aliases: King of Autumn, Archmagus of Fear, The Liar, The Devil, The Arcane Lord, He Who Holds Secrets, King of the Forest, The Satyr King, The Horned God, The Darkling King, Lord of Fear, The Stealer of Innocence, Devourer of Souls, The Man with the Touch of Stone, The Night, The Darkest of them All, The Bogeyman, Keeper of Eldritch Lore

Age: Outside of Time

Species: Faerie (High Elf/Elfking)

Powers: Chaos ManipulationFear ManipulationFear ManifestationHigh Elven MagicThe Spell-Bound SoulAutumn ManipulationDark Wind Manipulation

Abilities/Skills: Autumn EmbodimentFear EmbodimentIntimidationHunting IntuitionSpell CastingSpell CreationCalling the Wild HuntBogeyman Physiology

Alignment: No.

Affiliations: Queen Mab, the Autumn Court, Himself

Motto: "Fear is the most powerful motivator."

Quotes: "I am the night, young one. I am the monster under your bed. I am the shadow at the corner of your eye. You cannot escape me, for I am inherently impossible to escape. You cannot defeat me, for I have existed for eons before you were a semblance of consciousness. Give me your fear...surrender to the soil."

"Welcome to my domain. Your soul will be great for keeping."

"The Winter Court would be a great ally if they weren't prone to betraying everybody, including themselves. The Summer Court would make for good brutes and pawns, but their insufferable and self-destructive nature make them a liability. The Spring Court are an interesting case; I refuse to believe that all there is to them is immersion in their every desire. More research must be done. We in the Autumn Court are the most formidable, for we know every secret, arcane and mundane."

Theme: Come, Wayward Souls

Occupations: Adult Fear (Has a habit of dragging children away in their sleep)Evil Is Not Well LitYour Worst NightmarePrimal FearNightmare Fuel

Origin: The King of Fear doesn't seem to know his origin, and part of his research goes into finding this out exactly. When asked, he'll often dodge the question due to the fae's inability to lie.