Ava, queen of winter
Name: ???

Shadow Name: Ava (Pronounced: E-va)

Aliases: Queen of Winter, Queen of Despair, Lady of Sorrow, She of the Widow's Walk, The Cold Queen, The White Mistress, Entropy Embodied, Lady of Despair, The Cruel Queen, The Lady with the Blue Claws, The Queen of Ice, The Queen of Darkness, Destroyer of Hope, Cailleach Bheur, She Who turns Water to Ice and Food to Lead

Age: Outside of time

Species: Faerie (Leanan Sidhe/Sidhe Queen)

Powers: Chaos ManipulationDespair ManipulationIce ManipulationSidhe Sorceress MagicWinter ManipulationSorrow-Frozen HeartDespair EmpowermentDarkness Manipulation

Abilities/Skills: Winter EmbodimentDarkness EmbodimentDespair EmbodimentSpell CastingSpell Creation

Alignment: Despair knows no morality.

Affiliations: Queen Mab, the Winter Court, Herself

Motto: "Sadness is punishment for foolish deeds."

Quotes: "Yes. Open your heart up to the cold. Engulf yourself in the cold water that is despair and become numb. Numbness is true salvation, you see. If you no longer feel, you no longer need to get hurt. Surrender to Winter, child, and you shall never know pain again."

"The Summer Court marches down blood-paved roads, zealously waving banners of ancient meaning they're too drunk on bloodlust to understand anymore. The Spring Court immerses themselves in pleasures both worldly and otherworldly with a foolish lack of caution and no sense of self-awareness. The Autumn Court, perhaps the most admirable, delves in their old books of eldritch and arcane secrets, shooting hellfire from their great, stone castles. They are all fools, really. The Winter Court is logic. It's survival of the fittest. Only those properly prepared can survive the cold."

"Submit to the frost and the cold. Submit to the darkness and submit to death. Your foolish actions have led you to a point of no return, mortal. And now Winter shall take you with no remorse."

Theme: Theme to Susparia

Occupations: Queen of the Winter Court, Advisor to Queen Mab

Archetypes: Winter Royal LadyEvil Is Deathly ColdIce QueenAn Ice PersonThe Social DarwinistThe Sociopath

Origin: Long ago, ice had covered all the land. The sun was not seen for a long time, and due to this many creatures died, except for those most fit for the first harsh winter. Many deaths had happened, happiness was blotted out like the sun. Instead of enjoying life, creatures focused on simply surviving the cruel environment. It is possible that this was how Ava was born. It's unknown if she was actually born this way. She doesn't seem to be as acutely delusional as other fae, so she may actually know of her origins. Whether she does or she doesn't, she isn't telling anybody.