Yithian leader

Name: Kazzack

Aliases: Lord of the Great Race, Heir to the Galaxy, The Fearsome Ruler, God-Emperor of the Great Race, Kazzack the Great, Kazzack the Terrible

Age: 4,000

Species: Yithian

Powers: Psionic ManipulationSubatomic ManipulationQuantum ManipulationEssence ManipulationHive MindPsionic Bio-TechAssimilative Evolution

Abilities/Skills: Subordination ManipulationTactical AnalysisSupernatural Intelligence

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Affiliations: The Great Empire of Yith

Motto: "All things, organic or inorganic, shall surrender to the hive."

Quotes: "Order. What does that mean? Order is oneness with everything. Order is many parts working under a single mind. Order is many parts coming together for the purpose of the whole. Individuality is not order, you see. Oneness is order."

"All is one within my mind. Every voice or thought in the Great Empire is my own. My will is their reality; both figuratively and literally. The Great Empire is unshakable, for we all have one will. You cannot defeat any one of my soldiers, for they are all me."

"My consciousness stretches far in this universe. The very planets and stars I've conquered are my eyes and ears. Soon, the galaxy itself will be an extension of my body, and after that, none shall oppose me."

"Come, now. Take refuge within my consciousness. You shall know no pain nor conflict. You shall only know purpose and my will. Give up your free will. Surrender to the hive."

"Imagine a world with no conflict, no pain or war. Imagine a world where everything you could ever want is available to you. This is what you humans call a utopia, no? That is the world I want to give you. A world where you could want for nothing, because what I want is what you want. A world with no conflict, no pain or war because all is a part of me. A world of absolute order, one where even the tiniest mind is my mind, one where everything is part of my consciousness at the subatomic level."

"Only one self is necessary. Come. I will free you from all of your pain and suffering. I will show you true purpose, true singularity. I will show you power beyond what you can imagine. I will show you...order."

Theme: (Coming soon)

Occupations: Emperor of the Great Empire of Yith, Embodiment of the Yithian Hive Mind

Archetypes: The Evils of Free WillHive MindHive LordAssimilation PlotTotalitarian UtilitarianThe AssimilatorEldritch AbominationFisher King

Origin Story: Kazzack isn't really a person. Kazzack is an entity created long ago by the Yithians during a singularity. They used their psionic powers to create a single consciousness to guide them into greatness, and later this consciousness gained a body. Kazzack means "father" in yael'nada, the Yithian common tongue. As the Yithians took over a little less than half of the galaxy, self-replicating ships and nanomachines assimilated every subatomic bit of the territory, saturating it with Kazzack's intelligence. Now, Kazzack is literally the embodiment of a little under half of the galaxy. All of the Yithian territory and, by extension, the Yithians and conquered alien races themselves, are completely one with Kazzack's consciousness.

Base of Operations - The Yithian Territory

Yithian city-world
If one were to enter the Yithian territory, he or she would be utterly amazed at how different it looks from the rest of the galaxy. After centuries of condensing and reconstituting raw atoms and particles, the Yithian part of the galaxy has been completely condensed into one mega-city floating in outer space. In this unnamed mega-city, several different races live, all completely under Kazzack's control. Free will doesn't exist in the Yithian territory, and no mind isn't Kazzack's own. Each being in the Yithian Territory acts as an extension of Kazzack himself. Every day, every hour, the members of the Hive are working to further build the city, advance its technology, and increase the Yithian territory. Even the machines and artificial intelligence are mere extensions of Kazzack. This oneness with a single entitiy makes infiltrating the Yithian Territory nearly impossible, and foreign invasions incredibly difficult. If you alert one single member of the Hive Mind, you alert all members of the Hive Mind. Any violence against Kazzack's totalitarian regime is immediately answered with the environment itself attacking.

Yithian city world 2
As a result of the Hive Mind, crime in the Yithian territory is absolutely nonexistent. Resources are unlimited, with the environment itself completely changing to suit whatever the Hive Mind needs. There are no emotions in Yithian territory. All feel what Kazzack feels, and all Kazzack feels is the need to assimilate. No member of the Hive Mind is able to resist against the Hive Mind, for it is their very will, their very soul and essence.

The Hive Room

Resistance is anathema to order.

On the off chance that one does manage to resist the Hive Mind, they're taken to the Hive Chamber. The Hive Chamber is where rebels and prisoners of war are taken. In the Hive Chamber, their minds are tortured and scrambled telepathically until there is nothing left. Then, a mental virus will be placed in their consciousness. Slowly, they will turn to the Hive, and they will do it willingly. Rebellion is anathema to the Hive. The Hive is order.

The Horde

The Great Horde is coming...

The territory contains the best technological and military strengths of every race conquered. Data is drained from conquered races, preserved digitally in Artificial Intelligence and, by extension, Kazzack. Weapons, innovations, and other such advantages are copied in the Great Horde's space fleet for maximum efficiency when invading other territories. Also, when hit with something completely new, the Horde can assimilate said thing and evolve and/or incorporate it into their offense. The Horde forever adapts and evolves.