Name: Shay Ladon

Aliases: The Most Dangerous Man in the Galaxy, War in Human Form, That Guy who Killed Praxtus, The King of Battle, Prince of Mercenaries, The King of All Pawns, The Emperor of Fate

Age: 35

Species: Human

Powers: Neuro-Psychic KnowledgeBeing Shay-fucking-LadonPsionics (Tactile TelekinesisTelepathy), Magic (Accelerated PerceptionBullet Hell)

Abilities/Skills: Gun KataSpecial Ops MasteryIntuitive AptitudeOne-Man ArmyLegendary Con ArtistMartial Arts IntuitionGadgetryBody SupremacyPsychometryReality PerceptionCosmic AwarenessSupernatural IntelligenceTactical AnalysisUltimate FighterHyper-InstinctsPanmnesiaHypercompetenceNumerical Precision

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliations: Himself

Motto: "Good? Evil? It doesn't matter. I'm just doing my job."

Quotes: "The name's Shay Ladon. I'm hired when you want something done the right way. It doesn't matter the task: simple feats of assassination, sabotaging an inter-system empire, or even killing cosmic beings. You pay me, I do it."

"Careful, now. I learn quickly. One second, perhaps I'm at your mercy. The next, you're at mine. And, trust me, I'm not a very nice guy."

"Now, how the hell could you think that you're going to best me? I've destroyed empires. I've killed beings thousands of times more powerful than you. I've hacked alien A.I. and I've conned cosmic beings. It is outright arrogance that you believed that there was one second that you weren't exactly where I wanted you to be, doing exactly what I wanted you to do. You're finished."

"Let me explain to you how this will go: you're a big guy. You've probably killed a lot of people. But then you see me, who's killed even more people in the time it takes you to sip a drink. But you fight me anyway, because you're big and arrogant, and I'm just human, right? Except I shove your finger down your throat so hard that you can't breathe anymore. And as you fall down to the ground, choking on your own slimy appendage, you look up at me and realize that you were just beaten by a weak and squishy human. There you go. That's a rough approximation of what'll happen. Swing first, yl'kai."

Theme: Muse - Mercy

Occupations: Con-Man, Independant Scientist, Mercenary

Archetypes: Anti-HeroThe ChessmasterAwesomeness By AnalysisDeadpan SnarkerGenius Bruiser , The AceEmpowered Badass NormalCrazy PreparedMemetic BadassBlood Knight

Origin Story: Shay disappeared in the year 3994 from the United Republic territory, so not much is found on his origins. It is generally believed that he grew up in the Metro Sphere around Alpha Centuari. He had a normal life for the 40th Century, exploring virtual reality and space when he was a bit older. After that, the details of his life are completely unknown. Perhaps his disappearance had to do with the alien invasion of the Alpha Cenuari Metro Sphere, which led to the abduction of several United Republic citizens. There, Shay would've presumably been bought into space crime by pirates. All that is known for sure is that, today, Shay is the most feared man in the galaxy. 


Shay's armor
-Power Armor: Shay's power armor is something he developed himself. It is highly versatile and is capable of adaptively replicating any power or trait necessary to survive a situation. In addition, it allows Shay to wirelessly connect with virtual reality and any nearby computers. It can also adjust its own density, allowing it to take different amounts of force depending on whats hitting it. The gauntlets have quark-gluon cannons, which fire super-hot beams that can melt atoms. The targeting system of the armor allows Shay to shoot it in either a large radius or a microscopic radius like the molecular or atomic level. The helmet can connect with his brain, allowing him to seamlessly teleport with a simple thought, or automatically teleport when the suit senses danger. 

-Beamswords and Blades: Sheathed in Shay's armor are beamswords capable of cutting through any material. They're made out of condensed energy, and he can adjust the sharpness of the blade via changing the frequency.

-Gadgets: Shay has numerous gadgets, all developed by him, that he can use in neumerous situations. He has gadgets that allow him to wirelessly hack even the most advanced A.I., gadgets that allow him to shut off his opponent's powers, and many more.

-Combat Master: Shay is master of all forms of combat, weapons, and tactical analysis. He can quickly adapt to his opponent's method of fighting and find weaknesses in his opponent at the same time. He also predict his opponent's movements and copy them via adoptive muscle memory. His peak human condition also makes it easy to overpower enemies.

-Indomitable Will: Due to Shay's complete control of his brain and, by extension, his mind, he is impossible to mentally influence, telepathically manipulate, or brainwash. No matter what, Shay does exactly what he wants, and absolutely nothing can stop him from doing just that.

-Supernatural Intellect: Perhaps his most dangerous ability, Shay is a super-genius even by the standards of the United Republic. He has outsmarted and conned A.I., powerful alien emperors, and even cosmic entities. His intelligence and cunning make him the most dangerous foe regardless of how powerful his opponent is. Shay finds weakness in his opponent quickly always. He doesn't even necessarily have to fight; his speaking skills and powers of persuasion and manipulation have been responsible for the fall of entire empires. Shay has mastered all sciences discovered by humanity, and highly adept at those that hadn't been discovered. With his intellect and his immense skill and strength, Shay has become one of the most formidable people in the galaxy.


Shay was born in an agricultural colony on the Alpha Centauri Metro Sphere. His two parents were simple farmers and adventurers like most people of the time. Not long after his fifth birthday, a space pirate invasion managed to get through the Metro Sphere's defenses. This was due to the Alpha Centauri Metro Sphere being newer and less protected than the Sol Metro Sphere. Shay's home was destroyed, his parents were killed along with his friends and family. He was kidnapped by the Space Pirates and was going to get sold in the inter-system slave trade, but the Space Pirates noticed that he had a unique ability. He could pick up their language after days of hearing them speak it, he knew the ship's workings after mere weeks of watching it work. Shay's intelligence was above that of other humans they've kidnapped, and for that the captain thought he'd be great for the crew. So they trained him be a part of their space crew, brainwashing him into thinking that his parents didn't care about him, that the United Republic had forgotten about him, a simple farmer.

As Shay grew older, he became the most terrifying pirate that the crew had ever seen. He seemed to be skilled at everything, and that which he wasn't skilled at, he quickly learned in mere minutes. His intelligence and tactical abilities seemed to increase every day. With his piracy, Shay quickly became known through out the galaxy. He eventually broke away from the pirates that recruited him due to the fact that he no longer needed them. He was a fearsome force all on his own by the age of seventeen, and at the age of nineteen, he hired his own crew. The "Green Jets" as they were called stole from inter-system empires, sabotaged other pirates, and ruled their territory with an iron fist. Shay commanded them, and in the three years he was an independent pirate, he learned most of his skills.

His success was short lived, however. At the age of twenty one, a small military fleet of the United Republic went against the Green Jets. The fight was long and brutal with casualties on both sides. In the end, however, Shay's crew was destroyed. It was impossible to defeat the technologically superior United Republic fleet. Shay was forced to flee into neutral territory, wanted by his home and many other places he had stolen from. Shay settled on a planet named Skrizi near Great Empire of Yith territory under the alias Drizi Walker. It was here that Shay settled and layed low for many years. He was never able to settle down, however. He didn't want to settle down, really; he felt there was so many things to do left. So many parts of the galaxy he hadn't seen, and some parts outside of the galaxy he hadn't seen. But for now, Shay was being quiet on a peaceful planet just coming into being a type one civilization.

That peace, however, was disturbed when the Great Horde attacked. Kazzack's fleet came in the thousands, assimilating civilians into the Hive Mind and setting up their alien infastructure to absorb the planet's energy and digitize their data. Shay tried to flee the planet, not wanting to go against a force so enormous as the Great Empire, but he was unable to. He was forced to assist the rebel forces on the planet against the Great Horde. After all, Skrizi was located near an important star cluster that was rich with metals that could allow the Great Empire to build even more infastructure, and possibly take over 3/4ths of the Milky Way. Shay quite liked freedom, so he happily fought against those damn drones.

The goal was to get rid of their massive conversion machine, which was slowly spreading Kazzack's consciousness across the planet at the subatomic level. The process would take several weeks, which was just about enough time for the rebellion to plan. Shay and his allies at the time moved in quietly, wearing helmets that rendered it impossible to telepathically read them and thusly made them impossible to psionically detect. This rendered them practically invisible to the drones.

The conversion machine was several stories high. Kazzack's forces heavily guarded it, all wearing the same kind of armor that made them all look like the same empty husks. They all moved in, but were eventually detected. A bloody battle ensued, with husks dying left and right and rebels being messily destroyed. Some were even converted into drones. Some just...disappeared. Shay was the one who was left, and he made a run for it to the conversion machine, a horde of drones coming after him. What could one man do against a hive mind? A man who had nothing but his skills?

He went in, guns blazing. Drones repaired themselves as they were shot to all hell, but Shay managed to push on. He eventually got to the core of the machine, which was powered by some strange energy that Shay didn't recognize. He hacked into the machine, managing to outsmart the A.I. that guided the machine. He then programmed and activated a self-destruct sequence within the machine. After that, he sprinted out as quickly as he could, pushing through the drones as quickly as humanly possible.

He managed to get out and out of blast radius, just in time for the machine to implode. At first, it was a flash of light. After that...nothing. He'd saved the planet from Kazzack's horde. He managed to fight off the horde in the first place. He became well known through out the solar systems and eventually the entire galaxy as the one who screwed over Kazzack. He managed to do what very few have ever done. And for that, he was feared by many. He managed to leave the planet, and his work as a merc-for-hire only heightened his reputation. He was no longer just Shay Ladon. He was the most dangerous man in the galaxy.