Name: Dr. Malcolm River

Aliases: Monarch

Species: Superhuman

Inspirations: Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman, Andrew Ryan

Powers: Space-Time ManipulationQuantum MagicFreedom

Powers (Physiological): Connection with the Meta-Structure

Abilities (Mental): Supernatural InteligenceBusiness IntuitionIndomitable WillHyper Mind

Abilities (Physical): Enhanced CombatOne-Man ArmyAdoptive Muscle Memory

Abilities (Social): Supernatural CharismaSocial MagnetismGolden Rule

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliations: Himself, The Technocratic Coalition of Humanind

Motto: "Liberty is success with your own agency."

Quotes: "Citizens, please be calm and hear me. You are now in another world, one separate yet similar to the one you come from. In case you didn't know, the planet is quite rapidly coming under the control of a dictator, offering utopia in exchange for civil liberties. Now, while I hadn't been able to save everyone, I was able to save all of you. And while I cannot offer you anything resembling utopia, I can promise you this: none of you, no matter race, gender, sexuality, or creed, will ever have your freedoms taken away."

"What is the point of security if at the cost of freedom? And what, I ask, is the point of the state if liberties aren't protected? The ideal situation is that where all people have equal opportunity, the ability to succeed or fail by their own merits. The governmental systems of Hargrave forsake meritocracy for the sake of hegemony. He would have you believe freedom is an illusion, but let me ask you: when you get up in the morning, are you not free to stay in bed?"

"There is no glory of the state, only the individuals that run it. Groups do not have rights, only the individuals within them. We are all entitled to the fruits of our own labor, and none of us are particularly obligated to give it to anyone. The ideal world is a world free of coercion and the use of force, where all people of all backgrounds are free to compete in the market of ideas, goods, and services."

Theme: (Coming soon!)

Occupation: Majestor of the Technocratic Coalition of Humankind, CEO of Crown Industries, Adventurer, Superhero, Scientist

Origin: Dr. Malcolm River was a resident of the same reality as Emperor Hargrave. A brillaint scientist, Malcolm had been experimenting with alternate universes before a lab accident turned him superhuman. This lab accident separated his consciousness with his body, making his very essence one with the meta-structure of the multiverse. This had given him a connection to the metaphysical cosmic structure that permeates all of reality, as well as the whole of spacetime itself, freeing him from the constraints of all realities and essentially making him anomalous. With this power, he'd saved as many people as possible from the hegemony of Emperor Hargrave, creating an entire alternate Earth and separate spacetime, forming a different reality entirely parallel to Hargrave's reality.

Powers (In Detail):

  • Space-Time Manipulation: One of Malcolm's main abilities is the ability to control all of space-time. This ability originates with the connection to the Meta-Structure, which due to holding a piece of his soul, allows him the ability treat spacetime as an extension of his own being. As a result, Malcolm has a total mastery of all time and space, as it is susceptible to control by his thoughts like an extension of his own body.
    • Precognition: Malcolm has the ability to perfectly see into the future, however only when a certain situation is met. When Malcolm is deciding on what action to take, he has the ability to see into the future and determine the long and short-term consequences of his choices perfectly. Due to this ability, he has impeccable decision-making and strategic skills.
    • Space-Time Distortion: Malcolm can distort, bend, and contort the space-time continuum for various effects. Most notably, he can proportionately control space and time to manipulate gravitational fields. Alternatively, he can manipulate matter occupying space to control distortions, and therefore distort vectors or wind currents. Furthermore, he can open rifts in space-time, creating black holes or wormholes.
    • Event Manipulation: Malcolm has the powerful ability to manipulate, negate, and replace events. He does this by replacing certain events in his timeline with others allowing him to overall manipulate the course of what's going to happen. Furthermore, he can negate events entirely, erasing them from history. His space-time manipulation and connection with the Meta-Structure allows him to absorb events, such as history, for complete knowledge and information on a specific subject or time.
    • Trans-Migration: Due to his connection with the Meta-Structure, Malcolm is freed from all universal jurisdiction or laws that confine him to his native universe. As such, Malcolm can travel through all dimensions freely, reaching other universes, realities, timelines, or points in time. In fact, he sees entirely fourth-dimensionally, allowing him to literally "move" to different points in time.
  • Quantum Magic: Malcolm's connection with the Meta-Structure was not only physical, but soul-deep. A portion of his very soul is infused with the meta-structure, granting him the ability to manipulate quasi-mystical and quasi-scientific forces at the quantum level. These abilities are esoteric in nature, if only because Malcolm as an observer believes them to be that way.
  • Freedom: Malcolm's oneness with the Meta-Structure has freed him both physically and existentially from all of reality except at the most basic level, allowing him to travel into all realities unharmed and effectively anchoring him to his physical shape, making him impossible to change or affect by any other means than his own. 
  • Unique Physiology: Upon physical joining with the Meta-Structure, Malcolm has gained a condition that far suprasses other superhumans. Furthermore, he has the ability to manipulate himself at the subatomic level, effortlessly reforming from even the smallest units of matter. He has an inherent telekinetic field around him, granting him several abilities such as heat vision (telekinetically vibrating molecules within his line of sight), supersonic flight (lifting himself with telekinesis), and psychometry (interpreting the psionic essence of events, entities, or objects).