Queen of Autumn
Name: ???

Shadow-Name: Freyja

Aliases: The Witch Queen, Queen of Fear, Goddess of Predators, Hecate, Bathory, The Progenitor of the True Witches, Queen of the Forest, Mother Goddess, The Triple Goddess, The Dark Queen, Thief of Shadows, Holder of the Eldritch Tome, She of the Black Chain and Golden Key

Age: Outside of Time

Species: Faerie (High Sidhe)

Powers: Chaos ManipulationFear ManipulationHigh Sidhe MagicSpellbound SoulThe SecretsAutumn ManipulationNigh-OmniscienceWords of CreationThe Prime EnchantressEnchanting

Abilities/Skills: Knowledge EmbodimentAutumn EmbodimentSpell CastingSpell CreationCalling the Wild HuntThe Arcane Source

Alignment: Orange and Blue Morality (Acts as True Neutral)

Affiliations: Queen Mab, the Autumn Court

Motto: "Power is Knowledge, and knowledge is me."

Quotes: "It is I that had written the arcane words that had crafted the meta-structure. It is I that had written the laws that govern all stars, all galaxies, and all planets. Do not think that, because my cruelty isn't bottomless like my husband's, I am not a force to be reckoned with. I will summarily unwrite the very laws that govern your existence, and you shall leave Freyja Tor, sans body, sans mind, sans everything."

"If you wish, I can tell you everything. You can know everything. Omniscience can be yours. But knowledge stains the soul like blood on cotton. Be careful to not know too much...or else the horrors now inhabiting your mind may consume you, soul, mind, and possibly body."

"I am Freyja, Source of all Arcane, Writer of the Divine Words, and Queen of Autumn. In my presence, you will show respect, else you will be summarily reduced to floating atomic materials."

Theme: Darkness and Magic

Occupations: Embodiment of Cosmic Knowledge, Queen of the Autumn Court, Guard of the Gates of Infinity

Origin: Freyja came into existence as an aspect of Queen Mab. As the embodiment of her knowledge, Freyja was the architect of the multiversal contracts that bought reality together, as well as the crafter of the meta-structure that governs and encompasses all scientific and arcane laws.