Shadow Name: Banrion Medh

Aliases: The Queen of Wolves, Chaos Embodied, Queen of the Seasons, Lady of all Faeries, Queen of Elfhome, First Daughter of Oblivion, Queen of Entropy, The Queen of Archmagi, The Prime Magus, Mistress of Unreality, The Queen of Dreams, Queen of the Air

Age: Timeless

Species: Greater Aeon

Powers: Chaos ManipulationChaos MagicHigh Sidhe MagicThe Primordial Power of CreationThe End ForceParadox Manipulation, Faerie ForceOmnifarious

Abilities/Skills: Magic EmbodimentSeason Embodiment (The Pleasure of SpringHeart of SummerSorrow-Frozen HeartSpellbound Soul), Nigh-OmniscienceQueen of all FaeFate EmbodimentOmnipresenceDream Embodiment

Alignment: Above Good and Evil

Affiliations: Herself

Motto: "Chaos rules Existence."

Quote: "I am the only constant law of the universe. I am entropy, I am the randomization of particles and energy levels at even the most fundamental level. I am the forming of structures and I am the breaking down of them. I am everywhere, even the places where your lower dimensional minds cannot even begin to comprehend. I am chaos, and chaos is universal."

"Mortal brute. Whatever your past, whatever your future -- be you of flesh or metal, be you corporeal or ethereal, be you of Dragon or Giant, know this: I am Mab. I keep my bargains. My word is divine, and my will is absolute. My wrath is mighty and my existence is limitless. Fret not of my presence, for there is nothing you can do. Do not fight back, for a mortal cannot fight a tsunami. I am to Fae as Fae are to mortals."

"My children, wild and crazy they are, fulfill their intended purpose. Entertainment. I do acknowledge that they often do harm, which I fully intend to fix if it gets out of hand. Do not bother me with petty mortal grievances, however. In the grand scheme of things, your existence is merely one of many to disappear, back into the Quiet from whence it came. Such is the order of things."

Theme: Night on Bald Mountain

Archetypes: Affably EvilThe ChessmasterThe Fair FolkGod, Save us from The Queen!Knowledge BrokerThe Needs of The Many

Origin: Born from the primordial foam nanoseconds after Akvak-Tomen's creation of the universe, Mab is a force of the multiverse more than an actual being, just a conscious, self-aware force that can take many forms. She is the Queen of the Fae and the creator of Elfhome.