Akira unmasked


Name: Unknown (Goes by Akira)

Aliases: Numerous

Age: Physically 19

Species: Human

Inspirations: AgnosAcceleratorSasuke UchihaEugene SimsSun Wukong

Powers: Absolute SpeedAbsorbing ReplicationPersonal Probability ManipulationMeta Crafting

Powers (Physiological): Bionic PhysiologyGestalt FormAlpha Physiology

Abilities (Mental): Tactical AnalysisSupernatural IntelligenceScientific ProwessPanmnesiaHyper-InstinctsGadgetryIndomitable Will

Abilities (Physical): Martial Arts IntuitionAdoptive Muscle MemoryWeapon ProficiencyBody SupremacyGun KataUltimate Fighter

Akira masked


 Abilities (Social): Seductive MagnetismSupernatural 

CharismaPsychological IntuitionSocial Magnetism

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Good at best)

Affiliations: Himself, Whoever best matches his interests and morals at the time

Motto: "Whatever I want, when I want."

Quotes: "Personally, the whole saying of, 'With great power comes great responsibility' is something I disagree with. What you do with your powers is really your own perogative, and you are accountable for any results, rewards, or consequences that come as a result."

"I tend to do whatever I want. However, because I am a normal person that feels, y'know, empathy, and because I am incredibly powerful, I generally try to make the places I go to better. That is, if there is anything wrong with them in the first place."

"Yes, my actions are primarily motivated by self-interest. But I still try to do good, because it is my personal sense of responsibility. Doing good is a lot more fun when it doesn't feel coerced. Since I'm my own man and take orders from nobody, that means I can do good with a clear mind, with a mind free of obligation, which generally allows me to work better."

"I'm just a firm believer in freedom. There wasn't nearly enough where I come from."

Theme: ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy

Occupation: Thief, Multiversal Vigilante, Avenger of Worlds, CEO of several trans-universal corporations, Director of several Secret Societies, Adventurer, Scientist

Concepts: Byronic HeroScrew The Rules, I'm Doing What's RightWild CardLoveable RogueDestructive Savior

Origin: Akira was originally the son of a member of the working caste in his dystopian society. Although his parents were unremarkable, both intellectually and socially, Akira was born with a massive intellect, but he was never able to do anything with it due to his society's rigid class system. One day, Akira had come in contact with a quantum incursion of his world with another universe, and this event gave him an array of superpowers. After taking a few years to master them in secret, he left his universe to adventure, using his powers to improve himself even further in power, physically and mentally. Eventually he returned back to his home universe and, new and improved, used his abilities to topple the tyrannical government and establish a better society based on capitalistic principles (life, liberty, property). He now travels the universes, exploring exotic worlds, uplifting societies, avenging destroyed worlds, toppling tyrannical empires, and generally whatever else he feels like at the time.

Powers (In Detail):


Main Powers:

  • Personal Probability Manipulation: One of Akira's main abilities is the ability to manipulate all probabilities related to himself. This gives him absolute control of his luck and what happens in his life, as well as the ability to tweak and modify certain aspects of his life, and to a certain level, manipulate the way the laws of physics apply to him entirely. Though his ability is limited to him, he has the power to do many different things with it.
    • Rule Bending: Akira has programmed his powers to instantaneously erect a "modified physics field" that allow him to use his powers and abilities unhindered by the physical laws of the universe around him. 
    • Self-uncertainty Manipulation: Akira can manipulate unknown probabilities related to himself or what affects him. In essence, Akira can manipulate variables related to his physical attributes, his life, or anything else that relates to him and lies outside of his perception.
    • Omnifarious: Through infinite possibilities relating to him, Akira can change his own form by manipulating the probability of him being in the form he wishes to be in.
    • Freedom: Akira's most important ability, his existence, life, and the concepts tied to him are absolutely sovereign to him, making it impossible to copy, imprison, or control him without his consent. This essentially makes him an anomaly in all of creation, allowing him to actually choose his own fate at the metaphysical level, and indirectly affect the destinies of others.
  • Absolute Speed: Akira has the ability to run as fast as he wants. He may simply run normally or instantly run at Mach 10 speeds, but he must accelerate to any speed above that.
    • Juggernaut Momentum: When moving at Mach 10 speeds, he is moving too fast (and his mass is too high) for anything to really affect him, so anything is just knocked over in his wake.
    • Intangibility: Akira has the ability to vibrate his own molecules, allowing him to pass through objects.
    • Bullet Time: Akira can, by choice, percieve anything in bullet time.
    • Planeswalking: Akira can use sheer speed to break through multiversal, planar, or dimensional barriers.
  • Meta Crafting: Akira has the ability to craft absolutely anything out of anything. This allows him to create many different forms of technology, constructs. This goes even further, allowing him to "create" any thought or superpower, bestowing it upon either himself or others. Akira's equipment was created by his meta crafting, as well as several other things he'd created.
    • Genesis Machines: Akira has the ability to create Genesis Machines, factories with their own meta-crafting abilities, enhancing the scale of his ability tenfold. All he has to do is think with the Genesis Headset on, and the machine will create precisely that object.
    • Spell Gauntlet: Akira had created a "spell gauntlet", half magic, half technology with an internalized A.I. that acts as a grimoire, storing spells that Akira comes up with as mathematical laws. These mathematical laws work either on principles of chaos theory or loose quantum physics, and the A.I. works to solve these formulae and create the effect of the spell.
    • Themeium: Through the creation and upgrading of materials, Akira had create a material called "themeium", which is a hard-light energy that can perfectly interface with biological and computer systems, acting as a technology. Themeium has the ability to allow biological systems to perfectly merge with computational or technological systems, allowing for seamless cybernetic augmentation.
    • Akiratech: Overall, Akira had created many forms of technology for various purposes, many of which run by nearly impossible to understand or advanced "exotic" physics defined only by Akira. These technologies range from crystalline super-science, allowing for the modification of matter to the subatomic level to spaceships with the ability to absorb stars that power alcubierre drives.
  • Absorbing Replication: Akira has the ability of evolving absorbing replication, allowing him to absorb/replicate anything and upgrade it internally via the Akira Evolution Network. Used in conjunction with his Meta Crafting, Akira can create and upgrade exceedingly new materials, integrate them into his own being to gain physiological abilities, or bestow them upon others of his choosing.
    • Self-Variable Manipulation: Using absorbed materials, physiologies, or overall data, Akira can augment his physical, mental, or social attributes, and even unlock different tiers of his abilities. This ability was also used to physically improve himself and turn into an idealized version of himself.
    • Independent Growing Booster: Akira's evolution and upgrading is metaphysically represented by the Akira Upgrade Tree, which allows him to augment his physical, mental, social, and supernatural abilities. To make it fun for himself, he makes the requirements for certain upgrades a point system, with experience being gained when completing certain "quests" or enemies.



  • Akira Suit: Although it looks like simple clothes, Akira's suit is a complex technology that was enchanted as well. It affords him several abilities and conveniences, such as being bound to any universe/planet he marks as "home", allowing him to always find his way to base. Furthermore, the suit changes appearance based on what universe he's in, becoming more lore-friendly so that he doesn't attract attention. Yet another feature of the suit is the ability to analyze objects, allowing Akira to know their specific composition down to the atomic level, or, if used on a massive scale, the amount of living entities within a structure, island, or planet.
    • The Cestus of Goliath: Akira's gloves are weapons in and of themselves, allowing him to materialize hard-light weapons based on several fighting modes. There is the sharpshooter mode, which creates dual guns out of hard-light, the hammerfist mode, which creates massive hard-light fists that can break through nearly everything, there's the dual wield mode, which creates dual swords.
    • Runes: Using a mix of various arcane arts that he had collected, Akira had upgraded his suit with several runes, which allow him to cast randomized spells that the suit copied and stored in it's Arcane Database. This is mostly used for when he is out of energy.
  • Akira cloak
    Akiraspace Cloak: Another invention of his, the Akiraspace Cloak is enchanted with an internal pocket dimension where he stores all of his weapons/magical items. The Akiraspace Cloak contains several enchanted spears, staves, swords, wands (with pre-made enchantments and spells on them), as well as scientific weapons like cannons, guns, energy swords, and rifles. Furthermore, Akira can go into the pocket dimension inside of his cloak, as well as trap other people in it. With this ability, he can teleport to any place via taking the dimension there.


  • Fighting Style: With his massive intellect and a little self-customization, Akira had gained the ability to memorize any and all fighting styles he comes across (even all at once), and store the knowledge in an internal database. From there, he can choose whatever fighting style he wants to use, and the style is immediately committed to muscle memory, allowing him to intuitively know it as if he'd been fighting that way for years.
    • Attack Prediction: Akira has the ability to predict his opponent's attacks, allowing him to preemptively respond to them.
  • Supernatural Charisma: Akira has gained an almost inhuman charisma, which allows him to effortlessly persuade and sway many people. With this ability, Akira has gained many allies and followers, each of whom aid him whenever necessary on his jouneys. Akira has a certain magnetism about him which, if used, can sway people to his side, or make them do whatever he wishes. However, as Akira is principally devoted to the freedom of himself and other individuals, he doesn't often use the more mind control-y side of his ability.
  • Indomitable Will: One of Akira's main abilities is his complete and utter stubbornness. Once he has his mind set on something, absolutely nothing will get in his way unless he allows it to. His will is indomitable. It is impossible to take him over, to manipulate him against his will because of this.



Minerva lab
For a man of Akira's intellect, his persuits are largely scientific, in the search of knowledge and data he does not previously have. As a result, he'd created Minerva, a secret base that exists in the space between universes, detached from any physical law except those he imposes upon them. Minerva is one part home base, one part lab, with several experiments in all fields of science being conducted at once, as well as experiments in the field of magic. Most of the time on Minerva is spent coming up with many different solutions to the problems specific to different universes (for example, one universe may be plagued with destructive eldritch abominations -- Akira would seek to fix that problem if he were so inclined), and said problem is either given to the population that is most affected by that problem, or sold for a profit in one of his many proxy corporations. Materials, discoveries, and breakthroughs are easy to come by due to the fact that physics is significantly weakened within Minerva because of its status of being in between universes. 

Scientists are often recruited to come aboad the Minerva, either temporarily or permanently depending on the scientist's preference. Said scientists are fed and enjoy an easy lifestyle travelling the multiverse with Akira. Recruitment is based on whether or not Akira is fascinated with their work. He often takes some of the most brillaint minds in that universe along with him, that way fresh new ideas can be introduced, allowing for more innovations. As a result, Akira often uplifts the civilizations he visits if he finds them worse for wear, then leaves them to their own devices.

War room

 Due to Akira inevitably gaining allies and inevitably filling multiple roles and responsibilities on his journeys, Minerva also acts as a tactical center for any attack being planned on whatever enemy at that time. In the tactical room, Akira plans different wars and attacks, as well as gaining information from his network of secret societies, superhero organizations, and intelligence firms, gaining valuable information on enemies and possible blackmail material. From the tactical room, any number of his allies can call him in for assistance, and he will likely answer to it and provide said assistance. For cases when he's busy, he'll likely send any of his drones to do the job for him. Requests for assistance are moderated by A.I. and told to him on a "need to know" basis. If the situation doesn't exactly require his attention, it'll either be ignored or a drone will be sent.


Plane akira has visited

One of many places visited by Akira

The bulk of Akira's time is spent travelling to other universes, where he does various things to amuse himself (from fighting evil warlords to thievery). He generally goes with the flow, catching on to the particular feel of that universe pretty quickly and fitting in just as quickly. Akira typically takes on a roll of quest-seeker, performing jobs for various people just so that he has something to do. 

It is mentioned above that Akira inevitably gains allies on his adventures. He has several memberships to different organizations and superhero groups that he acts under when in that universe. Furthermore, he has many different fake identities that are fabricated on Minerva so that he doesn't have any trouble operating. When creating corporations or organizations, Akira often does it to either generate funds so he may easier operate in that universe (if he is staying there for a while) or to operate secretly within that universe, as is often the case when dealing with worlds with tyrannical governments. In his adventures, Akira makes many friends and enemies, and some of his friends are allowed to travel with him for a while. Overall, however, Akira is fine with operating alone.

Base of Operations: Omnacia, the Free City

Akira had eventually concluded that his home plane, which he'd made into a perfect utopia, was no longer his home due to him no longer being the man he once was in both mind and body. So he'd went off into outer space in the personal space ship he'd crafted himself, finding a black hole that contained a budding universe inside of it, no bigger than a galaxy. He'd decided to venture into this universe and, with a combination of his customization and various other powers that he'd modified through his abilities, he'd created Omnacia, the Free City-state, though the society is entirely stateless.

Omnacia, in structure, is entirely anarcho-capitalist in it's absolute ideal form. Due to Akira coming from a suppressive society, his philisophical leanings became extremely libertarian to the point where he'd supported the absence of central authority. To get this society started, Akira had created several proxy corporations within several planes, each corporation selling products, goods, and services that generated so much money that they were able to assimilate with other companies. To that end, businessmen, independent entrepreneurs, and simple people looking for different, better opportunities were invited to Omnacia, a completely free society where competition, self-interest, and private ownership were metaphysical rules.

In Omnacia, the producer can produce absolutely anything, without even the laws of physics getting in their way, much less the laws of man. Each good, service, and need of the public is entirely provided by the private sector on a for-profit basis, with each business competing endlessly with each other, and a central authority like a "government" completely nonexistent. Law, courts, and roads are provided by private businesses, with each business involved being forced to produce high quality services in order to properly compete with other businesses. Due to there being no ruler in Omacia, Akira himself practices no formal authority on any other than his employees, and in facts considers himself "just another citizen". He sells many goods and services, as his many businesses produce many things. He tends to leave his abilities out of his businesses, as he views it gives him an unfair advantage, which would disturb the essential equal footing required to make competition work.