Callaghan new look

Name: Callaghan Caelian (Pronounced: Calla-Han Cae-Lan)

Shadow Name: Exarch99983

Aliases: The Computer King, Agent Caelian, The Mathematics Magus, Scientist Supreme

Age: 1,117

Species: Neohuman

Powers: Magic (EvocationMathematics ManipulationFormula Manifestation, NecromancyCustomization/RemakingCodification/Decodification), Exotic Matter ManipulationForeign Material Manipulation

Abilities/Skills: Mathematical IntuitionHacking IntuitionGun KataEnhanced CombatScientific ProwessMechanical IntuitionEyes of the Archmage, The Golden Road

Racial Abilities: Transhuman Physiology (Energy AbsorbtionSupernatural Condition360-Degree VisionPersonal GravityOZMAGNUMOPUS link), Psionics (Telekinetic Force ManipulationTelepathy), The Supergene (Genetic AccessSelf-Power Bestowal), Planeswalking/Dimensional Travel

Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliations: Himself

Motto: "Knowledge is power."

Quotes: "You create one virtual reality sub-simulation from scratch, using your coding abilities and all of that -- you accidentally create an arcane theorem capable of summoning a Abyssal Taint, and suddenly you're on a government watchlist. That's just my luck."

"Since I've become an archmage, I've found myself wondering more and more about the world around me. What things exist out there, what horrors are there to encounter, and what magnificent lost lands are there to discover? I've always been an information junkie, and that's why I'm going to venture out into the multiverse, to discover the sciences and the magics that are yet unknown, to figure out a way to eradicate the Drvaka once and for all."

"I've got to help everyone while I'm still allowed to directly intervene in things. The archmage job is a different game entirely. Higher ups aren't even allowed to sneeze in a galaxy's general direction or else it'd violate the Pax Mysterium."

Theme: Clubbed to Death

Occupations: Monster Hunter, Archmage (Tier-1)

Archetypes: Genius BruiserCrazy PreparedBreak them by Talking (his preferred method of confrontation)Awesomeness By AnalysisDeadpan SnarkerBunny Ears LawyerScience HeroChronic Hero Syndrome

Origin: Callaghan was a normal virtual reality programmer that constructed virtual worlds for others to use. One day, instead of using premade programs created by A.I. to make a virtual world, Callaghan constructed his own using his expert knowledge of physics, coding, and mathematics. He ended up creating a theorem so complex that the echo sent a shockwave through the structure of reality, summoning a being from the Hollow. This, of course, instantly put him on an I.A.S.A watchlist, and after the being was disposed of, he was given a choice: join the I.A.S.A or die. Of course, Callaghan joined the I.A.S.A, and now he works as an Agent in their supernatural unit, and as a monster hunter in his freetime. By the 42nd Century, Callaghan has reached ascendance and became archmage. Faced with the Drvaka threat, Callaghan ventures out into the multiverse to look for any solution to the very serious problem.  

Personal Data:

Personality: For how stressing his job is, Callaghan is pretty layed back. In most situations (including potentially dangerous ones), Callaghan will have a casual and often humorous tone. He likes empathizing with enemies, appealing to their humanity rather than condemning them. This is why he's more inclined to talk to his enemy rather than attacking him; he tends to see them as human beings rather than monsters. Of course, his empathy often backfires, making him susceptible to betrayal. In fact, this problem has persisted his whole life, and it's why he tends to like programs and automations more than he likes people, because he can trust and control them, whereas people are unpredictable.

His intellect is most apparent when he's working. His ability to create large-scale and long-term plans, casually hack into things with just his tablet, read and interpret code with ease, and shrug off most mathematical problems define him as a genius. When Callaghan gets angry, he's more prone to tranquil fury than lashing out, and in such an event he's prone to doing worse to the enemy than the enemy has done onto him. His propensity for curiosity is what most often gets him into inter-dimensional trouble.

Core Personality Traits: Intelligent, Empathetic, Curious, Unformal

Likes: Programming, puzzles, finding out secrets

Dislikes: Traitors, arrogant people, people who don't appreciate his work

Fighting Style: Callaghan prefers long-distance fighting over close combat due to him not being big on hand-to-hand. His aiming skills and proficiency with fire arms make him a deadly long distance target, and his use of applied mathematics and statistics on the battle field allow him to calculate where his enemy is going to shoot most likely and aim-dodge accordingly. When it comes to spell casting, Callaghan needs only a few seconds with his tablet, and the spells he casts on the battle field often revolve around doing as much damage as possible. Using his customization magic, Callaghan can enhance the potency of his spells as they're being cast, allowing him to create whole firestorms in the effort it takes him to make a spark.

When it comes to close combat, Callaghan is a combat pragmatist. What he lacks in strength (by U.R.H. standards), he has in speed. He often exploits the enemy's weak points or simply moves back and shoots them.


-Infernal Gauntlet: Through a special coding process, Callaghan created a gauntlet capable of summoning demons. The gauntlet can summon up to 999 demons, each with some sort of unique powerset. On the back of the gauntlet is an eye that turns whoever it looks at into stone if it opens.

-Tablet: Callaghan's thin graphene tablet acts as his grimoire. It contains all of the algorithms and theorems he's created to make a particular effect. Using an app, he can solve some of the more complicated problems instantaneously, allowing him to pull off big spells in mere seconds.

-Band of Communion: Callaghan has a metal headband that allows him to commune and manipulate technology as if he were using telepathy and materialize technomagical creations from his mind.

-The Call of Autumn: A contract that Callaghan has made gives him the ability to call the wild hunt, a gang of faerie huntsmen led by the King of Autumn himself. It comes in the form of a goat horn that he can blow on at any time, but the catch is that the hunt will come after him once it finishes hunting whoever he called the hunt on.

-Vector Rings: Callaghan has two rings on either middle finger that allow him to manipulate all vectors within a five foot radius of his arm's reach.

-Super-genius level intellect: The average mage is, of course, a genius. However, Callaghan goes above and beyond the average mage, capable of doing magic in his head. This is usually a skill that only the older magi can pull off, but Callaghan is capable of pulling spells without needing to use computers (though he does tend to use his tablet for things like solving The Theorem of Alastair). Due to this ability, he's considered one of the most gifted magi of his generation.

-Gun Kata: Once taken in by the I.A.S.A, Callaghan was trained in Gun Kata -- or rather, it was uploaded into his brain and he gained the skill. Now Callaghan has mastery in all firearms and combat with said firearms. He prefers long-range combat over short-range.