Female character
 Name: Mara Rigby

Aliases: The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy, Agent Black, The Faceless Woman, Agent Dreaded, Angel of Death

Age: 27

Species: Human (Genetically Engineered Cyborg)

Powers: Various Bodily Augmentations (Bullet TimeEmpathic Pheromone ModSuper Agility ModHyperhuman ModE.P.C.M ModNano-Active Cellular Regen ModAppearance Mod), Anima Projection

Abilities/Skills: Gun KataP.D.F Combat TrainingEspionage TrainingPersuasionBlack Spiral Skill Mod

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Affiliations: Herself, The Ministry of Sol

Motto: "To protect the Union of Sol Republics, I will do whatever it takes."

Quotes: "I'm a patriot, general. A patriot that, at this very moment, is dealing in business that is heavily classified and, frankly, above your pay grade. You may say that I am acting irrationally as much as you want, the fact of the matter is you cannot do anything about it. This case is now under the jurisdiction of Black Spiral. Have you heard of us? Of course you hadn't. You wouldn't have."

"I, for the Union of Sol Republics, will give my life. I had served this great confederacy through three Republic terms and two Ministry terms. I had served through the Red Insurgency and the Riots of Venus. To question my loyalty to my country is to question the Earth revolving around Sol -- which, by the way, obviously does happen. So to call me a terrorist, to question my intentions in monitoring the populace to prevent the very fringe crimes we're investigating is simply unacceptable. We are Black Spiral; you knew the kind of work you were getting into at your briefing."

"The organic -- the purely biological human is simply the result of the ultimately superficial construct of 'humanity'. The organic, holding on to their primitive cells, their inefficient brains, and their weak and slow immune systems really clings onto an empty fantasy that 'humanity' is some static, defined concept. That is why the organic will never be able to truly evolve, and that is why they will be, and are obsolete."

Theme: Origa - Rise

Occupations: Superspy, Assassin, Black Spiral Agent

Archetypes: Well-Intentioned ExtremistAction GirlGood is Not NiceFemme FataleControl FreakIce QueenI Did What I Had To DoPragmatic Hero

Origin: Born in the Ishtar continent on Venus (a Lunar Republic territory), Mara was born to Joseph Rigby and Elizabeth Rigby. Her father a wealthy engineer and her mother a military general, Mara was raised into a privileged, safe lifestyle and a strong sense of national pride for the Sol Republics. This national pride made her join the P.D.F (Paramilitary Defense Force) to defend not only the Lunar Republics, but all Republics centered around Sol. After years of work there, she was eventually recruited to Black Spiral after a strange case that was under their jurisdiction. Now she is a leading agent in the organization, and one of the most dangerous people in the galaxy.