Iora Minor
(Order: Azrael, Huffius, EMC)

~Iora Minor. 6:16 PM, Terran time.~

Sounds of multiple groups of people walking around filled the air. Massive plamsa billboards broadcast the rife-with-propaganda news and commercials, encouraging the oppressed consumerist culture. Buildings with neon lights could be seen across the fog, and the artificial weather system decided it'd be pretty nice to be rainy. Iora Minor was the common man's way of getting from planet to planet, funded by the oh-so-noble Farseeker Corporation. The cynical population of the "Great Empire" of Terra permanantly slouched when they walked, dragged their feet against the ground, and looked down. The government oppressed the living hell out of them, but there was nothing better that they could even fathom. Not in the seas of blackness beyond the solar system.

The attacks from the Rogue Nation known as Cydonia were broadcast on the news. Except instead of telling the truth about casualties from the Martians, they spouted propaganda depicting humans as some kind of master race, and the Cydonian Martian as some kind of cannibalistic savage. After going into graphic detail of the "Savagery of those Purple Bastards", they'd implore the viewer to join the Great Empire's armed forces to defeat the menace once and for all.

You have been sent to Iora Minor, either on a business trip or military business -- or perhaps a rare vacation with every last credit that you had -- to board the ship, Ceres to go to one of the floating cities on Jupiter. From there, you're to conduct your business and return safely to your designated Arcology on Earth. Easy, right? Once you get to Iora Minor, millions of people are walking to and from terminals on various modes of business. Some of the higher buildings contained luxurious suites that only the rich could occupy. On the streets, there were beggars and lost children, some that have been snatched off of the streets by various gangs.

Cameras were everywhere. Watching your every move, broadcasting it in perfect detail to the Ministry of Security. Police officers armed like military soldiers patrolled the streets, acting as a not-so secret police to make sure nobody gets vocal about the Emperor. This is life in the Great Empire. This is common.

As you get to your terminal, you're immediately stopped by the long line. Everyone seems to be crowding...around something.

(Intelligence + Investigation to see what's going on. Add a +1 bonus or a -1 penalty if applicable.)