I've been playing around with a super hero idea for a while now, and I'm curious as to whether or not the power I have in mind already exists, or if I've done the unthinkable and created something new (unlikely).

Originally, the power manifested itself as a form of ferrokenesis, with the character able to control a somewhat sentient chunk of metal that sort of resided in his body, forming it into various things (such as Assassin's Creed style hidden blades or giant shield-like instruments). However, due to the limitations of ferrokeninetic powers (mainly the fact that any Magneto or Static Shock individual can rather easily kick your ass), I refined it a little, the result being the metal eventually has become the character's actual blood (or a component therein). The result is this character now has the regenerative powers of someone like Wolverine (or the average Call of Duty protagonist), albeit not nearly as instantaneous, and can essentially attack people with his blood.

This blood is selectively thick and durable (thus he can form a rather liquid mass that becomes a shield, or exude knife blades from his inner wrists), and it can be strained out of his body via dialysis (the healing factor comes into play here as well).

I guess the best way to describe it is he can more or less selectively coagulate his blood (or the minerals therein), and use it as a weapon. (He can use pieces of it as bullets in an actual gun when need be, for example, although they remain in their rigid state forever and doing this repeatedly makes him weak). The material is completely organic, but more durable than a simple scab or similar bodily functions.

Working names for this character include, at this point, Killer Edge (or just Edge), and after writing this article, Scab (which is lame but somehow appropriate).

Is this an existing power, does it closely resemble someone else, or is this unique?