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Hi! I´m in one of my favorite mangas, everyone is born with a "spirit essence", it can either be a Tool Spirit or a Beast Spirit. And since I was bored I decided to list every last one and ask which one you wanted, so here´s the list of Beast Spirits and Tool Spirit, and People that chose what.

Beast Spirits:

  • Soft Boned Demon Rabbit (Agility)
  • Hell Civer/Nether Cat (Agility); DeathHorseman, CoolCat12345,
  • White Tiger/Evil eyed White Tiger (Power)
  • Evil Fire Phoenix (Power); DemoIceman, 
  • Ice Phoenix (Control); Natsu Heartfilia,
  • Fire Shadow (Control) 
  • Owl (Agility)
  • Vigorous Vajra Bear (Power)
  • Bear (power)
  • Luo San Pao (Power)
  • Fire Dragon (Power)
  • Jade Phosphor Snake (Control); GodOfNerds,
  • Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon (Power); SegatishScold,
  • One-Horned Tyrant Dragon (Power)
  • Storwind Doubleheaded Wolf (Power)
  • Vigorous Orangutan (Power); The Omnipotent One,
  • Black Tortoise (Defense)
  • Flame Leopard (Agility)
  • Fire Crane (Agility)
  • Skeleton (Agility)
  • Wolf/Lone Wolf/Inferno Grey Wolf (Agility)
  • Diamond Mammoth (Defense)
  • Wind Chime Bird (Agility)
  • Black Leopard (Agility)
  • Blue Palmed Frog (Control)
  • Iron Shelled Snail (Defense)
  • Cat (Agility)
  • Rat (Agility)
  • Rhinoceros (Power)
  • Spider (Control)
  • Sheep (Power)
  • Monkey (Agility)
  • Thunder Hawk (Power)
  • Thunder Spider (Control)
  • Golden Eagle (Agility)
  • Thunder Lion (Power)
  • Fox (Control)
  • Flame Lord (Power)

Tool Spirits:

  • Clear Sky Hammer (Power)
  • Blue Silver Grass (Control) ((Can Evolve)); NicWynter,
  • Sausage (Support) ((Can Evolve))
  • Serpent Crane (Control/Power)
  • Seven Treasured Glazed Tile Pagoda/Seven Treasured Glass Tower (Support) ((Can Evolve))
  • Nine Heart Flowering Apple (Support)
  • Dragon Staff (Control); SweetPoison,
  • Gemstone (Control) ((Can Evolve))
  • Healing Sceptre (Support)
  • Wishful Disk (Support)
  • Iron Hammer (Power)
  • Sunflower (Control)
  • Scarlet Flame Thistle (Control)
  • Horror Piranha (Control); Sifsand, 

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