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Abilities:Storybook Beauty,Physical Peak,Ageless,

Description:Formos is a species created by Knight and Grahams, Knight created this wonederful species by a kiss on a fair maidens lips. It transformed a normal woman into a storybook beauty who possesed an ageless body with the physical peak of a normal human, Knight sought to protect his species who he saw as "sisters/family". The Formos species could only attain a specific amount of Formos in their community, since the pocket dimension could only hold so many.

This made Formos a very rare species to come across, the ones who did not live outside the dimenson, usually they become addicted to pleasure or sex, or they seek out a life as a princess to substitute they´re old life. 

Formos are usually sought out and almost always have a high reward for anyone who captures one, there is 3 variations of Formos. 1.Princess the usual one. 2.Vampire only the eyes and hair (red eyes and white hair, usually sharp teeth and have a blood fetish). 3.Adventureres (those who have a stronger body, and usually a specific color for the hair (red,blue,green,pink,purple and such)).

A Formos is worth around 2,000,000 in dollars, 1,000,000 in euros. Formos is truly a worthy and remarkable being to come across, but not a dangerous one unless you mess with it/her.

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