The Irredeemables.

Members:Aristotle "Orbit" Stone'GrahamsTomEdward "Frankenstein" Stone,  Mitchell "Raid" MurphyAllan "Professor" Zolomon,

Motto:"We use our lifes to save the lifes of millions, we use our knowledge to teach millions."

Quetos:"Gentlemen when we are done, we have saved the lives of everyone on this earth."

"Tommorow is the test, don´t be late."

Sponsors:Benevolence,Jeremy "Benevolent" Savage,

Alignment:Lawful/Chaotic Good,

Goals:To save mankind.

Story:After a long time Benevolent, later in his life adapted so that he possessed the power to travel through realities. When he did so he met people who possessed intelligence far above any other being he had ever met. He convinced and gathered these "Geniuses" for the purpose of saving earths from plagues, diseases, and war, there were those who came willingly and there were those who simply agreed to come so they could get Benevolent to stop talking to them. 

The group accepted each others intelligence, and worked toghters to create things such as "Miracle Cure" (Curing Cancer, Leukemia, Black Death and so on) and "World Hunger". They made efficient ways to create and farm food enough for whole nations to feed on. But no matter how many things they did, their efforts were wasted due to war, crime, terrorists, and rebels, and since their powers didn´t work in any universe except their own they couldn´t do anything about it. So they decided to create the ultimate peace keeper (Warrior), so they traveled through multiverses finding the strongest and most becoming of a peace keeper. 

They found Tom (who was already there), Crimson, Meister, Tachyon, Knight, Rob, and Oz. They all agreed to help them create the "Guardian/Peacekeeper" Tom donated his psychic abilities, and thx to more research from the group they were able to convert and expand the gene to more abilities. Crimson donated his incredible physiology, his blood, DNA index, and a template of his body and power. Benevolent donated his amazing adapting ability, Meister was hesitant at first but later accepted and decided to grant them a injection which would give the user his powers, but that it would only work for their next creation. Oz and Knight donated their abilities since they were the most guardian and warrior like of all the candidates, and gave a instruction chip for the new "Peacekeeper". Robs set of abilities became more like a punishment set than anything else, Tachyons speed would truly be a bliss for the new guardian, in the end they needed a name for the project so they named it the "Guardian Project" 

They later decided that Knights powers were too dangerous and powerful to be set opun a new being, not that the others powers were any different. In the end a lot of the powers were downgraded, modified or simply forgotten.