Golden Coffin
Golden Coffin
Epithet GC,
Alignment Chaotic Neutral,
Age Confidential
Status Active,
Birthplace New York,
Motto No King Ever Sat Upon Any Throne More Solid Than Glass


Golden Coffin is a Freelancer Organization. Golden Coffin manages freelancers, mercenaries, assassins, and so forth. They gather in missions for their staff, the missions can be anything from killing a person to helping a new police chief start their career. The missions are all payed for in advance and the reward for the completion of the mission is given to the freelancer(s) who completed it, Golden Coffin assures payment, so that you don't have to deal with some pesky customer who doesn't want to pay you for a job well done.

Golden Coffin isn't only a Freelancer Organization but also a black market place, you can buy anything from a pencil to a alien slave which species are damn near extinction. Essentially anything you could possibly want could be bought there. Golden coffin of course takes a small fee for the help of all of this (and your permanent membership), but it is nothing compared to the benefits of working for them. The leaders of Golden Coffin are each fully suitable to handle their jobs, some handle multiple parts of the organization or they are simply both leader and freelancer, anyway they are all selected for their abnormal prowess and expertise.


  • Access to the Golden Coffin Black Market.
  • Help with finding missions.
  • Golden Coffin Exclusive Market.
  • Assured payment.
  • Life insurance.
  • Full coverage of house, food, clothes, weapons (neccessary ones only) and family health.