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GodOfNerds November 2, 2014 User blog:GodOfNerds
Prince by leejun35-d4uym96
Name:Apex Lancelot

Age:6016 years

Occupitation:Britanians king,father of 2 daughters,

Alignment:chaotic Neutral

Powers:Eternal Youth,Endless Stamina,Alibi Block,The One Power,Lawrence Immunity,F*** OFF LAWRENCE,SUPER TECH!!!!,

Talents:Enhanced WisdomPsychological Intuition,Tenacity,

Description:Apex is around 6000 years ago, he has 2 daughters the first ones name is Azsiel and the other one is Jenny . Apex is married to Queen Elizabeth the 69th, they have sex at least 2 times a day, Apex's role model is John,F,Kennedy. Apex is interested in women and i dont mean like sexual or love cause hes in love with his wife and his daughters (family love). He is geneticly interested in them, thats why he turned england to a female only country except himself of course. He also incased it in an unbreakable dome so no foreign person,party or organization get in without permission. Apex threatened the world with world war 5, he indicated he had weapons that could destroy a planet ((he does not) he is the weapon). If countries did sign a peace treaty they were allowed in england but they lose their  whole millitary foces/arsenal, plus on entry they are infected with a gender changing virus.

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