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Elizabeth Gray

:Elizabeth "Ronin" Gray



Occupation:Mercenary,Freelancer,Bounty hunter,

Motto:Nothing is free in this world.

Quotes:"Ladies ladies theres enough of me for alll of you?"

Likes:Ladies,Women,Boobs,Bikinis,All females and their parts in general,

Dislikes:Men unless they have money,

Hates:Cowards,poor people,Lawrence,Selforge,

Alignment:The one who pays the most,

Hobbies:Killing,shooting,throwing grenades

Species:Artificial Human

Favorite number:13

Ability:Superhuman Physiology,Planeswalking,Enhanced assassination,Enhanced Sawmanship,Enhanced Marksmanship,Enhanced Agility,Enhanced Athleticism,Enhanced Swordsmanship,Enhanced Tracking,Enhanced Combat,Enhanced Charisma,Immortal Bond To Charles,Invincible Skin and muscles,Data Control,


Origin:Elizabeth was created in a lab by a man whose name was "Charles Gray", Charles took care of the girl like she was his own daughter, raising her so she would survive anything in the world enhancing her body with genetic modifications and practicly invincible skin/muscles. Elizabeth was trained to supernatural lvls with guns,swords,grenades,technology,stealth,hand to hand combat,driving,hotwiring,spears,axes,hammers,dual wields and any sort of vechicle you can think of.

Charles deeply loved his daughter he even went so far as to give her the key to traveling between the planes of existence. He even bound her sould to his so as long as charles alive she is as well. She once asked for her hair to be coloured like in the animes she watched, thats why charles gave her permanent mixed hair.

Charles showed Elizabeth multiple different planes of reality for example wars,futuristic cities,places where nature took over, and such.

The Homes Of Elizabeth During The Years