Johanna "J" Mikealson

Aliases:Scout, The Messenger, 


Alignment:Lawful Evil,



Marital Status:Single,


Likes:Money, Girls,


Motto:The Package Comes First.

Quotes:"Package Delivered,"

Hobbies:Running, Drinking Wine,

Talents:Running, Stealing,

Abilities:Enhanced Reflexes,

Powers:Luck Absorption,

Backstory:Johanna was born in a wealthy family, her parents and her brother loved her from the moment she was born. But around the age of 5 Johanna´s power manifested, and her parents got divorced, lost almost all their money, but her brother didn´t lose hope, he joined the army, the Navy Seals. When Johanna noticed that everyone she touched, turned miserable and unlucky, she ran away from everything, and started stealing and soon, she started working for a maffia boss, she became the messenger in the start, and when she was trusted she started delivering the "goods" around. But Johanna was always lucky, no matter what, she couldn´t understand until, she noticed that she got more lucky the more others became unlucky. 

Johanna became a trusted member of the maffia family, she remained as the messenger, but she was still a valued member. Johanna told the boss about her powers, and the boss used them well, she was instructed from that on to always shake the persons hand she delivers to, that way their opponent bussinesses, would perish. Johanna kept using her power, but she saw to what it lead to, people commited suicide thx to their poverty and bad luck. Johanna became desperate, and started seeking help, she went to multiple therapists and they all recommended a psychic evaluation. She did and was deemed fit for a mad house, so she spent the next 3 years runnning from the police, and when she was caught, she was put in a straight jacket and in a cushion room. The ones who put her in that room soon died, and she was quickly forgotten. Up to this day her remains lies in there, all alone, and the story says that the first one who touches her bones, will absorb all the luck that she stole over the years.