Hell Yeah!!
Anabelle "Violet" Stone



Alignment:True Evil,




Likes:Fighting, killing, Fighting, killing, Fighting, Curcing,


Motto:A Dead Person Is A Good Person.

Quotes:"Death is the ultimate satisfaction, Killing is only 2nd to death itself."

Hobbies:Omnislayer (Violet),Immortality (Violet), 

Talents:Medical Skills (Anabelle),Defense (Anabelle),

Abilities:Superior Adaptation (Violet),Split personality,

Powers:Peak Human Condition (Anabelle),

Backstory:Growing up, Anabelle was always a polite and quiet girl, she was always praised for her politeness and elegance. But all that changed when her dad was shot on the street and her mother later commited suicide. Anabelle´s psych split in 2, and so was "Violet" born, Violet possessed abilities far above the norm, and she was way more violent than the normal person could be, her bloodlust and fighting became so big in the end that she became obssesed with death. She got turned on every time she saw a corpse or blood, and of course she killed and fought everything that moved and this continued for many many years, until "Anabelle" finally came back in control, she knew what Violet had done but she quickly supressed those memories. And after a long time of studying she became a doctor, and then a Coroner. 

Violet let this slide since the jobs specifications were to handle corpses and look through their bodies, Violet was actually pleased with how Anabelle had gotten, Anabelle over time developed skills far above the normal, although she didn´t notice since she worked alone. Violet after seeing hundreds of old corpses couldn´t stand it anymore, and decided to take over, she took over and started looking for the perfect victim, she looked and watched and observed every last one. In the end she seduced a man with short blond hair and tattoos from the eyes to the neck, he was what girls would define as a "Hottie". Violet seduced him back to her place and then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse making her scarlet red bra visible........ (I wonder what is going on in your mind when your reading this....) when he saw that he jumped at her in a rage of lust and desperation, she accidentally killed him by crushing his skull with a single hit. 

The military later came to her place since they had noticed her capacity to kill and "adapt" to situations, so they tried recruiting her..... they failed miserably, they fought long and hard, until she had killed everyone in sight, and when that was done, she walked right into the military base and to the commander and shouted "FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!" in his face. Every last one in the military knew of her and fired without hesitation at her. Her skin turned diamond as the bullets bounced right off, she destroyed the commanders head. At the same time she shifted back to normal the second that happened a knife went through her brain stem, turning her into a living vegetable.