Thornton "Friction" Sword

Aliases:Reverse-Tachyon ,Tempo,Friction (Self Named),Dr Sword,Thorn,


Alignment:Chaotic Evil,




Likes:Tachyon ,Speed,His Powers,



Motto:Life Is Like A Ten Gear Bicycle, Most Of Us Have Gears We Never Use.

Quotes:"If One Day The Speed Kills Me... Don´t Cry, Because I Was Smiling."

"Ohhh Tachyon Sweet Tachyon .... You Can´t Even See How Fast I´m going."

Hobbies:Studying Tachyon ,Blackmailing,

Talents:Speed Clones,Speed Combat,Time Perception,

Abilities:Temporal Speed,Temporal Intuition,Ultimate Vitality,

Powers:Chronokinesis,Timestream Shift,Temporal Perception Manipulation,

Backsory:Thornton has always had the ability to manipulate time, as long as he can remember, but the power cant be turned "off", it can only be slowed down or accelerated. This has made Thornton´s life hard and joyful, he has killed countless people already, but he is nothing compared to the one known as "Tachyon ", when Tachyon showed up in the newspaper Thornton became obssesed with finding this "Vigilante" with powers like himself, Thornton even started calling himself "Friction", since that is the opposite of speed or atleast the hindrance of it. Friction started manipulating criminals to do "heavier" crimes, so that he could see Tachyon in action, this way Friction simply had to accelerate his own timestream fast enough for Tachyon to be seen, Friction learned of Tachyon s hideout/home his identity, his powers, his job, and so on. Friction became obssesed with making Tachyon  the ultimate hero/weapon, so Friction started thinking of ways to hurt him, and to make him feel "true" pain. 

Friction later learned that he had the power to accelerate,slow down or completely stop aging, he used this on Tachyon to make him forever young, and to make his wife age at a much faster rate than usual. Friction left home as a child so he never really cared for them, Friction was also able to eat whatever he wanted by slowing down time to a complete stop if he wanted to. Friction´s existence wasn´t reaveled to Tachyon until he turned around 200, when he reaveled his existence,powers and involvement in his life, Tachyon tried to kill him instantly, thankfully Friction slowed down time enough for him to escape, Friction kept watching over Tachyon for over 300+ years or so, he even learned of his companions later, and at that time Friction took the chance... and  snapped their necks. 

Tachyon went berserk searching for Friction, Friction hid in temporal stasis, when he wasn´t another country. But one day Tachyon found him, after all those years, he tied up Friction to a pole before he woke up, and he cut open his stomach letting all his guts spill out, after that he cut his wrists, and let all the blood flow out, and as he watched Friction die. Tachyon couldn´t help but wonder what sort of monster he had become, but in his last moments Friction muttered "I win......"