Professor by FanOfAkatsuki
Allan "Professor" Zolomon

Aliases:Professor,The Librarian,


Alignment:Lawful Good,






Motto:Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens.

Quotes:"I See What Have Yet To Be Seen, I Know What Has Yet To Be Known, And I Thrive In It, I Thrive And Conquer In My Knowledge."

Hobbies:Enhanced Reading,



Powers:Inherent Omniscience,Omnilegence,

Backstory:In school and kindergarden Allan was strongly disliked since he was the "Know It All", he was always the one who knew the answer or got the A´s/100%, Allan never intended to be the "know it all", but it just came naturally for him, he never read about physics,chemistry and such. But ever since he was born he had just known it, he burried himself in books since the other students always ignored him, so he became a helper at the library and stayed there whenever he got free tme, Allan became good friends with everyone at the library since Allan was a nice and kind person but since people ignored him, nobody noticed. The ones at the library started calling him "Professor" since he had a aura and style like one, Allan even had his own corner and share in the library, everyone recognized him as a "Librarian" since he knew the library better than anyone else.

As the years went by school was coming to an end, Allan didn´t know what to do so he decided to keep on studying and studying and studying, in the end he had 12 PHDS, he became a famous phycisist, and accumelated a large amount of money during the years, so in he end he bought his beloved library and became a librarian. Allan gets visited often by scientists, reporters, students and fans, he is still called Professor by everyone who visits the library, he helps students study, scientists think, reporters interview and fans just talk to him and help him out. Allan still works in the library and he is still ofently visited by his fans and other scientists, and often students, people call his library "The Professor´s Office".