Yosuke blond by thaisrbento-d5nwhrd
Robert "Rob" Richards



Alignment:Lawful Evil,







Motto:"A Open House Is A Suspicous House, A Locked House Is A Happy House, A Larmed House Is A F**ked Up House."

Quotes:"I hate dogs, I hate alarms and I hate Bra´s"

Hobbies:Breaking And Entering,Stealing,Hitting On Ladies."

Talents:Peak Human Agility,Enhanced Athleticism,

Abilities:Supernatural Dexterity,Hollow Skeleton,

Powers:Absolute Thievery,

Backstory:Rob was born on the streets, so he stole and robbed to survive. Rob had a small community of thiefs that he worked with, they all had to pull in a certain amount of money each day if they wanted food and water, Rob always pulled in enough, and if he aquired more that day he saved it for a rainy one. Rob was like the big brother of that their community, all the small ones looked up to him, but Rob never looked down to them, his eyes were always pointed towards the top, he never thought a second about any of them, he simply acted nice so that if their services were needed, they would be useful. Rob was a apathetic genius when it came to "social" standings and stealing, he quickly started dealing/doing bigger and heavier stuff when his body could handle it, at the age of 13 he pulled off his first heist, he got away with 2,34 million euros, the heist became famous around the country, but Rob remained anonymous, they called Rob "Thief" since he was basicly the ultimate thief. A few years later Rob killed for the first time, it was one of the members that performed the heist, after he shot him in the he felt younger and stronger, he killed a few more times that year, and he noticed his amazing power to gain stronger and more powerful each time he killed. He also noticed that for every kill he got he stopped aging for a certain amount of time.

Rob continued this for the next 200 years. He robbed,killed and stole from anyone, after doing this routine for all those years he had noticed how long each kill got him, so he decided to do one last robbery, and they were going out with a boom. That heist was succesful for Rob but everyone else int he heist were killed or paralyzed, 216 innocents died and 26 security guards, Rob got 15,67 million euros that day, he was set for the next 50 years. After living the big life he was apporached by a young man, he had ginger hair and glowing blue eyes, he presented himself as "Isaac "Knight" Knight" , he asked Rob to help him in his quest to create the perfect species. Rob accepted by unknown reasons, he would describe it as "it felt like he was my destined ruler, I just couldn´t say no." These days Rob is helping Prince create and gather the genetic material needed.