Name:Kurt "Meister" Bähr



Alignment:Chaotic Neutral,

Occupitation:Sabotager, Terrorist, Meister, Führer,



Likes:Anarchy,Blunt Weaponry,



Motto:Keep Calm And Kill People In Your Mind.

Quotes:"It takes my type of woman, to wear a backless dress strapped with a baretta strapped to her leg."

Hobbies:Threat Identification,Observing,Taking Long Walks,

Talents:Flow,Painless Damage,Retrocausality,

Abilities:Auto-Reflexes,Causality Perception,Handsome,

Powers:Causality Control,Beauty Thievery,

Backstory:Kurt was born in 1900 germany, Kurt discovered his ability to perceive cause and effect, very early in life. He started his first years of his life giving advice depending on what the person wanted to do in their life. Kurt later learned how to control Causality, around the age of 19, he expiremented with his powers for quite some time around 5 to 6 years, until he truly learned how to control his powers. When he saw a man with such a terrifying tree of casuality, that he could become the leader of whole of germany, the man carried a canvas and some pencils at the moment, so Kurt didn´t really mind it. He simply thought to himself "Let´s hope he doesn´t take that path.".

A few years later the rumor of Kurt had spread and he became known as "Meister" or in english master, his hangout became known as a clocktower in the south of town, Meister stayed in the tower from time to time, he wanted to see what people came to do. Those who came to him usually only wanted him to cure a illnes or maybe ressurect someone deceased. This quickly bored Meister, so he spread around the rumour that everything came with a price. This quickly brought corporations and industries to him, they all wanted him to destroy other industries or factories. 

After a long time of aquiring the price of "Beauty", the Nazis came into the picture, Meister hated them for destroying his beautiful country. Meister quickly joined terrorist organizations and to help them destroy the Nazis armories,factories and outposts. Meister destroyed more than he could count, and killed more than he could ever dream off. In the end he stopped walking forward and turned around, and looked at the destruction that he had caused. This traumatized Meister, to such an extent that he left germany and he has not been seen since then.