Personal Data:

Hobbies:Painting, Studying, Researching,

Personality:Annuikaez is a calm and collected "person", but he is sometimes overprotective of things, he is very devoted to his "goal" and he will let nothing stop him.

Fighting Style:He is a very passive and not violent person, so he will avoid conflict by any means. So his fighting style is more of a "subdue" style, where he usually uses the enviroment to his advantage by manipulating it, and using small objects, such as stones as projectiles.

Goal:Annuikaez´s goal is to create a infinite food source, therefore he´s studying plants, and different animals, and other organic matter that is often used as "food". He wants to find a way to speed up the growth of both plants, animals, and other foods. Therefore he spends most of his time studying, and expirementing to see how different "food" reacts to different enviroments, radiations and energies.

Race/Species Data:

  • Annuikaez comes from a species/race known as "Umonkz".
  • Traits of the race is/are:
    • Gray skin
    • Black eyes
    • Skinny
    • Psychic/mental powers, such as telepathy, teleportation, mental manipulation, persuasion and or telekinesis (rare).
  • Weaknesses:
    • Weak physiology
    • Weak defense against physical, magical, and or viruses/diseases
    • Easily killed
    • Low population
    • Hard to reproduce and or clone
  • Strengths:
    • Cannot be killed by age
    • Is virtually invincible when it comes to psychic battle
    • Superhuman level of intelligence

Powers and Abilities: