General Info:

Name:Xander "X" Arnes 

Alias:Xander, X, Kid, 


Alignment:Chaotic Neutral,


Personal Data:

Occupitation:Disciple (to some degree), 

Motto:"Life´s a pain, but death is a arrogant b*tch."

Quotes:"Enyoj pain while you can, and when you can´t feel pain anymore, you will know that you are not human."

Hobbies:Reading, Memorizing Spells,

Powers And Abilities:

  • Reincarnation - Ever since Xander was born he has been stuck in a sort of "life" loop, which allows him to be reborn each time he dies, and each time he is reborn, he gets a new appearence, name, gender, and life. But Xander always get´s his memories back at the age of 2-4, which is very straining for a 2 year old, and that´s where Luk comes in. (More details in the origin)
  • Telepathy - Xander was born with the power to read minds, which made him believe that he was insane, for a very long time, until he one day realized the voices wasn´t coming from him, but rather from everyone around him. Which made him a little bit, shall we say "fiesty"?
    • Pushing - During his many lifetimes, and training with Luk, he has been able to learn how to "push" or rather temporarily mind control, other lifeforms. 
    • Telempathy - Xander´s "mind reading" eventually allowed him to also read and communicate with feelings.
    • Clairaudience - Xander can hear the voices of the dead, living, and the paranormal/supernatural.
  • Self-Power Augmentation - As soon as Xander has learnt to control his current level of "power/skill", his powers automaticly enhances. It is unkown how far the power actually can enhance his abilities.
  • Illusion-Casting - After Luk started taking care of Xander, he also tried to teach him magic, a very specific sort of magic called "Illusion Magic"
    • Illusive Appearance - The only reason Xander accepted this training, was that he didn´t wanna be a "child" during his entire existence.  


  • Xander´s longest life was to 15, and his shortest one was 67 minutes.
  • Xander is born with blue eyes 98% of the time, and with black hair 29% of the time.
  • Xander was named after a WOW character.
  • His powerset was originaly "Psionic Manipulation", but was changed due to being too OP.
  • It took GON 49 hours to create Xanders.