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The Boss

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Omega is the being that created everything, the omega omnisphere, the multiverse, the totality of everything. Omega created "guardians" for every universe, when that universe is desroyed a new universe takes it place, and the guardian is remade to suit the current universe. Omega quickly grew tired of the "God living on a cloud" thing, so he created a universe, where he was a himself and yet he hid as a normal man.

He changed his "omniscience" into "Inherent Omnicscience" so that he could live a "other" life, he dressed in suits, and created a company called "Omega Enterprises". Omega had changed his mindset so that he would always put work first, and always keep it organized. He always dressed in a suit, and always had a gentleman attitude. 

Omega used his computer to handle and organize matters and conflicts, he has on multiple occasions had to destroy entire universes, to end conflicts. And the being that guarded that universe, be remade, he sometimes took it upon himself to change/remake/customize the guardian to make it perfectly suitable to the new universe.

What is ironic is that in the universe he created, there was a lot of war on the planet he resided on. They thought using massive machines or rather "Mechas", they were all incredibly different, they may have different appearences and there machinery may look simpler or more complex than any other, but in truth the tech used in them is incredibly similiar. Omega even designed a few himself, he didn´t use his true power of course, only a little "help".

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Likes:Silence, Order, Suits, 



Quotes:"My house, my universe, my reality, my multiverse, MY RULES!!!"

"My life was lost long ago, even me the omniscient one, can´t remember anymore."

"I have had billions of lifetimes, billions of forms, trillions of names."

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