General Info:

Name:Achilles "Olympus" Alika 


Aliases:Ares, God Of War, Sparta, Olympus,


Alignment:Lawful Good,

Affiliations:The Order Of Seven, 

Occupitation:Warrior, Mercenary (Formerly),  


Marital Status:Single,

Relatives:Ares (Father), Athena (Mother), 


Achilles is the divine piece. When "The Master" shattered into pieces, the whole of earth became filled with life, but all the pieces also gained life, since every piece/shard/fragment was  a part of him, they all gained an aspect of his power. And Achilles was the divine one, Achilles was one of the latent ones, the others were born almost instantanously, but Achilles took over a decade to manifest a form. This made Achilles the least mature one, one who didn´t understand anything so he came up with the delusion of him being the son of Ares and Athena. Achilles powers manifested after a decade or two, when they did he gained complete control almost immediatly, he later learned how to use magic, demonic and divine. He awoke in Greece and spent his life learning about their gods and such. But when war came, he quickly turned his pacifistic nature into a bloodthirsty one. He trained and trained, until his body was strong and his mind was exceptional. 

Achilles dressed like his father, and he became known as "Ares" during the war and after. Since Achilles was the living embodiment of "Divine" he coudln´t die, so in war he was unstoppbale. He also learned how to create weaponry with his powers, the weapons possesed such power that a mortal could become a god only by wielding it. Achilles made his own weapons, but after he used it he needed a place to store it, so he created a temlpe in the sky and a armory in it to store the divine weapons. He called himself "Olympus", since he created a "Olympus" like temple.

Personal Data:

Likes:Learning About New Stuff, Reading,

Dislikes:Terrorists, Criminals,

Motto:Οι θνητοί είμαστε αφελείς, Αθανάτων είναι αγενής και θεοί είναι ανόητο. ("Google Translate" it, if you wanna know)

Quotes:"I want someone to be afraid of losing me..."

"They say they don´t care, but their eyes tell a different story."

Hobbies:Reading, Protecting The Innocent,

Talents:Fighting, Protecting,  

Powers And Abilities:

  • Divinity-Achilles is the "Divine Piece", which grants him complee control over divinity.
    • Divine Magic-Achilles mastered "Divine Magic", a form of magic only accesible to a god.
      • Demonic Magic-After mastering Divine Magic, he easily learned "Demonic Magic".
  • Divine Aura-Achilles has a natural field of "Divine Energy", which makes it easier for others to submit and or fear him.    


The name "Achilles" is greek and means "Warrior".

Alika is also greek and means "Guardian".

According to greek mythology man was born with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings, condemming them to spend their lives searching for their other half.