General Information:

Name:Harvey "H" Harwood

Aliases:Harv, H, Monster, Count, John Anderson, Karl Johnson, Alfred Smith, The Undying One,


Alignment:True Neutral,

Occupitation:Bussiness Owner (Formerly), 


Motto:Manners Maketh The Man.

Quotes:"I AM OVER 4000 YEARS OLD!!!! I have fallen in love more times than anyone else... But I can never allow myself to be sucked in... Cause if I do.... I´ll become vunerable."

"Life is a cruel b**ch... Especially if you have to live with it for all eternity."


 Harvey was born longbefore the concept of man was ever thought of, he was born in a age where people wore leather and nothing else. When Harvey was staring at the sky one night he saw a light getting bigger, and suddenly everything went black. When he woke up, he could feel his how superior he was now, and how inferior he was before, he felt how his body grew more evolved, and that he might stand out, but that his new appearence would come in handy later. He quickly realized the hierachy in his group, and he quickly took it over, when suddenly the lights in the sky started falling... Everything burned, everything dead... Except Harvey. He spent the next 1000 years trying to improve his behaviour and personality, into a more finetuned and gentle one. He succeded and became something that can only be described as a "knight in shining armor". 

Harvey chose his own first name and last name. (Let´s call him H from now on.) H can never truly die, which he learnt the harsh way. Harvey spent the next milleniums watching culture and people around him grow and die, he has seen more empires die, than you can count. 

H has had millions of identities over his long lifetime. But one of his most notable ones was the one where he was a count, he lived life like he was a king, but as for all immortals, nothing good in their life lasts as long as they do. After a century or two, the villagers started thinking that he was some sort of monster, since he didn´t age, so after a few months of ruckus they decided to storm the castle... When they finally broke down the doors, they were met by a well clothed man, the man introduced himself as the count, the crowd backed away as he said, that he was no monster only a knight among others. They responded with charging at him with pitchforks and weapons, as they all stabbed and hurt him, he couldn´t help but smile. Which incidentally, made them tremble in fright of such a being that could withstand all that pain and hurt and yet keep on smiling. They had broken a part of his moral code, so he was not afraid to do what was within his moral boundries. I could only dare to describe how they trembled in fear, as he slaughtered the first line of the crowd, as the rest tried to escape... Crawling, screaming, crying for their lifes, and that no matter what they did the Count, didn´t stop... But I´m not gonna try that since I´m not very good at that sort of thing. XD

H left immediatly after that, although the rumour of a count that slaughtered innocents and drank their blood, became quite famous. (Even the most unthaught of you should know what legend that is.) So he traveled to "New Orleans", where it was said that witches lived. He thought they might help him with his "Blessing" or "Curse" as he called it. When he arrived he bought a mansion on the outskirts of town, where slaves were currently being forced to work... H thought that no matter who you are, you are not below or above your bretherin. So he bought the slaves, and told them that they are free to work, live, relax and or run, basicly he gave them the freedom of choice. 

H lived many lives in that mansion, saying that he was the son of the recent owner, doing so for decades. The "slaves" knew of his secret, and they kept it safe, they saw him as a part of their family.  

Personal Data:

Likes:Trees, Maps, Cakes,

Dislikes:Drugs, Alkohol, His Primal Instincs, 

Personality:Harvey is a upbeat person, he lives by his moral code, he has followed his moral code for over 3000 years.


Talents:Recalling Info, 

Theme Song:Immortals,

Inspirations:Elijah Mikealson,

Powers And Abilities:

  • True Immortality- After unlocking "True Immortality", he gained complete independency from the universe. He does not age or get permanently wounded, he is banned from death permanently.
  • Chivalry- After living for decades, he decided his life was worthless and completely meaningless. Therefore he studied fighting, manners and discipline, and gained traits such as a kinght or nobleman.
  • Tactical Analysis- After studying history, and many wars, he grew very talented in the thinking of strategy.
  • Instant Learning- Just a talent form childhood, no explanation needed.
  • Indomitable Will- Harvey has always had a extremely powerful will, even so that he ran around the chinese wall in one go, without stopping.
  • Scientific Prowess- After studying science for many centuries, he became extremely talented in the subject.
  • Business Intuition- After running many companies and bussinesses over the decades, his skill was legendary, it´s basicly a passive program in his mind. (not literally)