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Bob "Bobby" Stormforge


Personality:Bob is a lazy dude, hes incredibly powerful and he considers himself Meta.


Alignment:Chaotic Neutral,

Powers;Unfathomable Power,Knowledge is power,

Backstory:Bob has been a perfect child/boy/man since he was 1, when he turned 2 he learned how to swim,walk and talk.

Bob was a so called perfect child at the age of 6 all the teachers thought of him as the perfect student, he had also started 16 different sports he mastered them all within 2 years. Bob quickly learned that anything he wanted to do he could do, for example jumping off rooftops, jumping over cars while in motion, run a mile non stop, break a wall with his head and such. But after being able to do practicly anything for 6 years he decided to try the impossible something that not even a madman would try (hes only 14 BTW), he decided to skydive without a parachute.

When the time came his parents thought he was going to a tournament in japan but he wasnt for sure going to tell them that he was gonna jump out of plane especially without a parachute, the way down he thought of all the things he never did in life like Get a girlfriend,go to japan,go to kina,go to italy,climb mt everest, swim with sharks, get married, have kids, get old, die happy. The second before he hit the water he thought "Live pls let me live" 30 minutes later he climbed out of the water. And after that day he lived it like it was the last day of his life, he never told anyone what happened that day no one ever. But deep withing Bob he knew he could make a difference good or bad.  

Clothes and weapons used by Bob:

Name:Regal Blade

Abilities:Perfect Use,Weapon Mastery,Royal Slice,Personal Use Only,Imbued With Great Power,Dual Wielding,Come At Me,I See You,Unbreakable Sword,Shaper.... SHARPER.....SHARPER!!!!!!,

Description:The Regal Blade was given to Bob when he studied in japan, by his master.

The blade was created to look like a fantasy sword but later became reinforced and used for weaponry, when given to Bob it was suddenly more swift,strong and magical then ever before.

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