Epithet Meta,
Alignment Lawful Neutral,
Laterality Right handed,
Gender Male
Age Confidential
Birthday April 7th,
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace Maine,
Motto Lend many thy ear but few thy voice

[Meta Creation] [Beautiful]

Eye Color Dark Red
Hair Color Jet black
Height 194 CM
Theme Song [Rise of Saturn]


Kevin is quite tall, his looks are devilish. He sometimes wears a jacket, all his jackets have a hood on it..


Kevin is very introverted, he's very loyal and caring for his friends and loved ones.


Since he was born Kevin could always create stuff from thin air, his parents used him for cash and gold. Until they died in a horrible car accident. Which left Kevin alone and scared, which was the start to his introverted and shy personality. Kevin kept his abilities to himself, practicing whenever he was alone which was most of the time.

When Kevin reached puberty his powers made a qualitive leap, briging them to frightening heights. Allowing Kevin to create essentially ANYTHING he thought of. When Kevin slept his dreams and nightmares swept into reality. Kevin in his sleep entered a state where he created anything he dreamt of, he created monsters, soldiers, angels, gods, anything you could think of. Each one bringing chaos and death to his surroundings. Kevin started taking sleeping pills to avoid dreaming, quickly they stopped being as efficient making him quickly up the dose. Before long the sleeping pills were way too weak as well, making him switch to heavier drugs, this continued through multiple different drugs until he finally found SIN. SIN is shuts down some parts of the human brain, making humans be able to calm down and not feel that much, but for superhumans it shut off their power temporarily. Sure it also made them high and a little dangerous. But superhumans could live normal lives. Kevin tested it and it worked. But. His abusing of the drug quickly showed on his behaviour making him more violent when he wasn't using the drug. His mind quickly deteriorated and making his dreams and nightmares even worse when he tried quitting it, creating even more powerful beings from his imagination and even more horror filled than before. Making Kevin fear qutting and continuing.


  • Meta Creation: Kevin has the power to create absolutely anything from nothing.
  • Supernatural Beauty: Kevin has the passive ability to be one of the most attractive beings around, he used to hide his appearence as a child, but now usually shows it off as it is something that he's proud of.


  • Addiction to SIN


  • Kevin loves buttocks/ass/butts.