Epithet Golden Artist,
Alignment Lawful Neutral,
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Age Confidential
Birthday April 9th,
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace New York,
Affiliation Golden Coffin,
Motto A blacksmith does not wear clothes, they wear armor made out of threads.
Occupation Blacksmith, Artisan, Tailor,

[Supernatural Artisan] [Meta Crafting]

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pitch Black
Height 183 CM
Theme Song [Impossible]


Felix wasn't born pretty, in fact he could even be considered ugly. But due to being able to upgrade his appearence after aquiring money in Golden Coffin he could easily become the charming prince of any girls childhood dream.


Felix was quite the silent type when he was younger, due to being bullied at school and being disliked by most of the people around him. However when he joined Golden Coffin this all changed, people appreciated him for his efforts and didn't judge him for his looks, this made him open up and become more open to conversations.


Felix appearence wasn't pretty, in fact it was below average, wasn't the most appreciated boy in school, neither was he very focused, diligent or at all considered anything even remotely close to "nice". His natural talent for everything that could be counted as work with his creativit, well not talent, more like his entire body and soul was made for that exact thing, bringing it beyond the highest of qualities known to man. Even something as simple as trying to make butter knife out of wood for the first time he would be able to create the most masterful of butter knives, bringing it to a level of quality only known among the most seasoned proffesionals. This of course caught the attention of Golden coffin, the richest underground empire known to anyone. He was recruited and became their Artisan/Blacksmith/Tailor. By working for them he amassed a shit ton of money, and by doing that he used Golden Coffin to buy himself better looks, quickly becomming as handsome as the most charming of fairytale princes. Felix could only achieve the level that he could reach thanks to being able to use such top notch and mythical level metals and materials.