Ethan Black
Ethan Black
Epithet Mr. Black,
Alignment Lawful Neutral,
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Age Confidential
Birthday Maj 4th
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace New York,
Affiliation Golden Coffin,
Motto Money is the highest master
Occupation Owner of Golden Coffin,

[Hyper Instincts] [Weapon Mastery] [Death Tally]


[Universal Capitalism] [Omnicompetence]

Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Pitch Black
Height 183 CM
Theme Song


Ethan has immaculate looks, looking like he is in his young 20s, while actually being more than 200 years old. Ethan wears suits essentially all the time, due to being the owner of Golden Coffin, he has borderline endless amount of currency in any situation and his power allows him to purchase anything even buffs out of nowhere, meaning he can heal in an instant or increase his muscle mass in no time whatsoever for only a small amount of money.


Ethan is quite the open person, and what I mean with that is that he smiles and jokes a lot but honestly he's more of a bussinessman than he is a human being, if killing a infant is the job he'll do it without looking back. Ethan is very strict when it comes to bussiness and missions, he punishes those who don't follow orders mercilessly.


  • Ethan was born with the power to buy anything and I mean anything, this power allowed him to build a underground empire, he eventually "learnt" or rather bought the ability to allow others to use his power to a certain extent. AKA Golden Coffin.