Damien King
Damien King
Epithet Mr. King,
Alignment Lawful Evil,
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Age Confidential
Birthday Maj 1st
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace New York,
Affiliation Golden Coffin,
Motto Never do anything you're good at for free. -Joker
Occupation Assassin, Mercenary, Hitman,

[Hyper Instincts] [Prey Instinct] [Killing Instinct] [Assassin] [Hidden Arsenal] [Trained] [Weapon Mastery] [Death Tally]


[Life Tally]

Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Pitch Black
Height 190 CM
Theme Song [Last One Standing]


Damien is 1'9 meters tall, he has pitch black hair which he usually keeps in a 1950's sort of style. He wears suits a lot, since he is required to thanks to his job. He was supposed to wear a cape but then the company got some complaints and removed that uniform.


Damien is a nice guy, but his personality will switch on a whim if there is money involved. He will go from Mr. Sunshine to Cold hard killer. Damien will do anything, well practically anything for money, he will rip off your arm and not bat an eye. His Death Tally allows him to live to live essentially however long he wants. HE will never ever hesitate to kill nor will he contemplate on a kill. Do not think of him as human in that regard. He believes in one thing, and that's Capitalism. Mostly because he has been thaught that ANYTHING can be bought, and I mean ANYTHING.


  • "No King ever sat upon any throne more solid than glass."
  • "Golden Coffin is called Golden Coffin because we kill and bury people for Money. It doesn't get simpler than that."