Epithet Rakshasa,
Alignment Chaotic Evil,                                                      
IQ 121
Laterality Right Handed
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday January 15th 
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace Australia
Affiliation None

Psychotic is a 3 syllable word for anything too big for small minds.

Occupation Mental Patient,


[Assimilative Evolution]



Eye Color Pitch Black
Hair Color Pitch Black
Height 188 CM  (6.2 feet)
Theme Song [Beast By Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard]


Hunter is borderline Schizophrenic. His thoughts and opinions can change in the blink of an eye. He was raised to be a hunter, therefore his name. He's very violent, and not very polite, he'll make sure to joke about you as much as he can. He will not hesitate to tell you how worthless you are if he thinks so.


Hunter is 188 cm, Hunter isn't model handsome, but still handsome. His hair and eyes are as dark as the night sky. He tends to forget to sleep, leaving large bags under his eyes.


Hunter was born in Australia, and then immediatly taken to Helise. There he was raised as a hunter, which he showed great aptitude in, his power was known by everyone around him. Ever since he was small he hunted Power Users, animals and humans alike, no matter what or who he eats a part of their strength will be absorbed by him. He ate a owl and got their night vision, he ate a jaguar and his speed and strength was raised dramatically. Not only his capabilities but also his appearence changed when he consumed. His hair could change color, or his eyes would turn into the eyes of a cat (if he ate a cat). Hunter spent around 3 years hunting and killing and eating hundreds of animals, humans and power users. Growing immensly powerful, even though after all of this he was still just a child. So when the cops, he was powerless since he couldn't control all of it. He was sent to a mental institution, sinc he was deemed insane, there was no fresh food there, only pills and normal food, after a week he could feel how all of his power and strength absorbed over the years were slipping away, turning him weak. Driving him insane. He spent around 5 years in that mental institution, after which one day he had enough and when the doctors came in and gave him his meds he bit off one of their ears, his power was Super Strength, how lucky. Hunter spent the next 2 days in a isolation room before finally digesting the ear and gaining the power, easily breaking out of the institution.


  • Dany needs to consume fresh biomass weekly or the powers and traits he has absorbed will be gone forever, leaving him to find them all over again.