Dany Lancelot
Alignment Chaotic Neutral,                                                      
Race Nosferatu
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday January 15th 
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace Russia
Affiliation None

Suck The Blood And Eat The Flesh

Occupation Art Collector,


Supernatural Beauty

Supernatural Charisma

Absolute Filtration


Alpha Transcendent ZomPire

Eye Color Crimson Red
Hair Color Pitch Black
Height 189 CM  (6.2 feet)
Theme Song Angel - Theory Of A Deadman


Dany is a little shy, and loyal beyond words. The only thing stronger than his loyalty to his friends is his hositlity towards strangers and his hunger for blood. His hunger can blind him, if he doesn't consume enough blood he will enter into a trance where everything on his mind is eating. Logic will seem foreign, and his instincts will take over, in a almost zombie like way, but with a vampires speed and strength. 


Dany looks like he's around 19-21. He doesn't look very muscular, almost looking a little skinny, he has a pale complexion, but not unnaturally pale, his irises are a bright neon red, his smile is as white as the moon, and when I say smile I mean fangs.  Dany is around 189 centimeters, so around 6.2 feet. (If he consumes blood daily, Dany can grow up to 195 centimeters, and his muscles also grow and his eyes also light up as if neon.) If he doesn't consume enough blood, his body slowly starts stiffening up, and hardening, this "rigor mortis" can take place from anything to a day to a year or two.


Dany was the single child of a family of vampires. Vampires that are as pureblood as him are rare, in fact the only vampires left were his family. Before the peak of their physical prime, the vampire can digest human food and age and grow. Dany's "hunger" came early though, it was thanks to him being attacked by a Undead Lord, his father slowed the infection and they were all sure it would stop completely once he reached maturity, but by not being able to control it at such a young age he slaughtered his entire family. Making him the only Vampire "alive", due to the death of his family and friends, Dany never went to school or learnt math or such basic things, and he forgot about the Undead Lord's infection...