Arthur Dawn

The High-Priest of the Seven

The High-Priest Templar

Alignment Chaotic Natural,                                
Race Unknown
Laterality  Ambidextrous,
Gender Male,
Age Unknown
Birthday January 29th
Status Alive 
Personal Data
Birthplace Ashland,
Affiliation The Faith Of The Seven
Motto "All that happens is meant to happen"
Likes Art, Adventure, New places, 
Dislikes People who refuse to be open to others views,
Headquarters Uknown
Occupation High-Priest,



Absorbing Replication


Absorbing Replication

Eye Color Light BLue
Hair Color Bright Red
Favorite Food Waffles, 


Arthur is a very very loyal person, and he's completely devoted to his cause, but he changes his mind like the humans change clothes, currently he's devoted to the seven, but who knows about tomorrow. HE never hesitates to take a life, nor save one, he's a cold blooded psychopath with close to unlimited potential hiding behind the mask of a benevolent priest. Arthur will remain a steadfast ally, and he will be your worst enemy.


Arthur has a very majestic and exceedingly handsome/beautiful appearence, improving with everytime he finds something that he finds beautiful. Over his body there are numerous scars, all of which he has gained during the service of the seven, which is why they are all kept as a part of his base appearence, unless something forces him to hide them.



Arthur believes that the world and the universe was created by the seven, a group of gods who are all different aspects of reality in total encompassing everything within them. So even when  he meets the strongest of non believers or opressors he will always know there is nothing stronger than the seven if his opponents are gods themselves.

Powers and Abilities