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Character Sheet 76

Sin Savage
Epithet The Origin Of Sin, 
Alignment Chaotic Neutral,                                                      
Race Anti-God
Laterality Right Handed
Gender Male
Age As old as time itself
Birthday ??? 
Status Beyond Life and Death
Personal Data
Birthplace ???
Affiliation None
Headquarters ???
Occupation Anti-God



Supernatural Beauty

Supernatural Charisma

Empathic Conversion



Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Favorite Food Steak,


Sin's close omnipotent power has made his dreams and desires come to reality over and over again. He has destroyed entire universes. Sin has become numb to reality only really caring for his fragments. And nothing else.


Sin has long ago abandoned his vessel, and is now only a being of mere destructive power. He usually stay in a phyiscal form, similiar to that of his original vessel. His appearence is nothing to take lightly, his looks might make him out to be a benevolent god, while he's actually the opposite.


Sin has existed since the dawn of time, and even before. His existence was meant to be the counteracting force of creation, he was meant to be destruction. Sin transcended what was wanted for him, he was one of the two first beings in existence and beyond, after many years Sin killed his brother.


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