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Character Sheet 75

Alexis Savage
Epithet The Fragment Of Greed, 
Alignment Chaotic Neutral,                                                      
Race Fragment of Sin
Laterality Left Handed
Gender Female


Birthday January 28th
Status Beyond Life and Death
Personal Data
Birthplace ???
Affiliation None
Headquarters ???
Occupation Fragment of Sin, Wife of Sin,


Sin Savage - Husband


Supernatural Beauty

Greed Embodiment


Absolute Thievery


Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Favorite Food Soup,


Alexis is the embodiment of Greed, a fragment of the true god Sin. Her power stretches to that of nigh-omnipotence. She craves Sin for herself, her jealousy and possessiveness knows no bounds, but it doesn't appear to be like that when it comes to the other fragments. She doesn't seem to react to them the way she does with other beings.


Alexis is a well proportioned woman with the face of a godess, her looks do betray though, she might look like a godess but her personality is quite the opposite.



  • Alexis is the embodiment of greed, granted to her by the one true god Sin. Her husband. Alexis power wasn't exactly earned, she didn't train to get it nor did she try to. She was given the power because her suffering had earned it for her, or simply because the one true god willed it to be so. Her power surpasses that of all other fragments, her greed allows her to steal others powers and embodiments, her potential power knows no bounds not much unlike her greed.

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