Background By Aaron! 

Once upon a time there was this badass motherf*cker! He killed everything in sight that he deemed sinful. He was a complete and utter absolutely OP dude. Then he meet this even more awesome and sort of evilish dude. And the badass dude tried to kill the evilish dude and there was like explosions and shit! Eventually he gave up though since he could never beat the completely evilish and wickedly awesome dude. And then they became like tots BFFS!!! They traveled around killing everything in sight with their fucking fists man! and like tentacles and explosions I guess, and one day when Evilish dude was going to just go home and back, you know to get awesome killing tools and shiznick, when he came back the badass had found someone else to love, someone else to have fun with. He gave up on the evilish dude and just played with puny fucking mortals. What a shame right? I'm right aren't I? Which is why I thought that maybe the evilish dude should tots go and kill the goody two shoes bitch who stole him!

Powers And Abilities