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GodOfNerds October 27, 2014 User blog:GodOfNerds


Gender: Male

Occupation: Stalker

Powers:Meta Probability Manipulation   


Description:Washichi is davieys stalker, nough said.

Background:Washichi has always had the ability to manipulate probabilities ever since he was a child, when his mom took suicide for the first time he got so upset and said and afraid that he manipulated the probabilities unconsciously so he went back in time, but whatever he did he could never stop her from taking her own life over and over and over again. As washichi lived on in his lonelylife he started to notice his powers coming to the surface so to speak, so for the last 10 years he learned to control his powers.

For easy things such as making a bird fly a different direction or a bully accidentaly falling infront of the train or stuff like that but one day the gloomy boy in class started acting happy,and it annoyed him so much that he tried to manipulate him to but there was 0% chance of that ever happening.

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