Name: John and Mike Sinistry

Aliases: Lucky (John), Jinx (Mike),

Former Aliases: Johny (John), Mikey (Mike),

Occupitation:Rich Kid (John),Hobo (Mikey), Bussines Owner (John), Postman (Mikey),

Motto: Live Life Like Nothing Matters (John), No Money No Job No Problem (Mikey),

Quotes: "Read Every Book, Study Every Line, Live The Words, And Breath The Line. (John)"

"Trying But Failing, Is Better Than Not Trying At All. (Mike)"

Abilities:Golden Rule (John),Unlucky (Mikey),Fortune (John),Omnipathy No Limitations (Mikey),

Hobbies: Swimming (John), Driving Cool Cars (John), Skydiving (John),

Description: John is a very nice guy and he usually is calm and relaxed (John).