Name: Jeffrey "Jeff" Xue

Age: 20

Aliases: J.X., 

Former Aliases: The King Of Highschool,Emperor X,

Occupitation: Rich Boy, 

Description: Jeff is a nice person, sometimes.

Personality: Jeff has a gentleman like personality.

Motto: Those who fall and dont rise are beneath me, Those who fall and rise higher than before, they are the ones who ascend the gods themself.

Qoutes: "No Chains Can Bind Me!"

"One day there will be stories of my greatness!"

"My power is something even I cannot comprehend."

"I didnt ask for this power but I received it so I shall use it to the fullest extent."

"You think my rule will be this companies doom? Thats where you are wrong sir!"

"You ask me what i am? I am what you could never be, A GOD!"

Powers: Golden Rule,Flawless Coordination,Prime Condition,Instant Learning,Illusions,

Talents: Medical Skills,Bussiness Management,Psychology Intuition,Persuasion,Charming,Hypercognition,

Backstory: Jeffrey was born into an incredibly rich family, his family is the founder of X Corporations which is an incredibly succesful company in 54 different countries. Jeffrey is the sole heir of X corporations, he was raised to be the ultimate,sophisticated,poetic,sweet,gentle,sexy,smart,creative genius that he is today. Jeff learned how to play the violin,the piano,guitar,drums and a flute at the age of 6. when he turned 7 he got into his first fight the other kid was 12 so it wasnt a fair duel, but when the opponent threw the first punch it was as if time had stopped, jeff moved freely hitting his pressure points. and suddenly it went at a normal pase again. Since Jeff was 7 he didnt think much of it but 8 years later it started happening again and again he could do stuff that wasnt supposed to be possible, he tried martial-arts and mastered it within 2 months by the age of 16 he knew every martial art known to man. Jeff was the most feared,respected and well known person at the school, 2 weeks later a strange man came to talk to Jeff his name was Sebastian Milestorm, he wanted to determine who was the king of the schools, Jeff agreed naturally since he fought it would be interesting. That afternoon when Jeff left Sebastian beaten on the ground, with his arms broken in multiple places, Sebastian laughed and said "JOIN ME IN THE FUTURE EMPIRE WE SHALL RULE THEM ALL??!!!!!!!!" Jeff replied almost instantly "No thanks it doesnt sound like my style" they never met face to face gain until 5 years later which i will not get into "Yet". Jeff´s mother died at child birth, Jeff´s father died when Jeff turned 19. When Jeff turned 19 he had to take over the company, he has already expanded it by 46% the profit is higher than ever. Jeff has been called "Emperor X" since they started calling "X Corporations" "Empire X" since they expanded so greatly over his first year.